dinosaur gift ideas for kids

Dinosaur Gifts for Kids

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Dinosaur Gift Ideas for Kids Who Seriously Love Dinosaurs

These are the best dinosaur gifts for kids! Kids love dinosaurs. And it’s easy to understand why. Even just the names, Stegosaurus, Giganotosaurus, T-Rex. They sound totally cool. And if you’re shopping for a kid who loves dinosaurs, there are plenty of gifts to choose from. But if you are shopping for a kid who is serious about dinosaurs these are the kind of awesome dinosaur toys and gifts that will really get them excited. 

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I’m not just talking here. I know my stuff. My kids are dinosaur fanatics. This is stuff I actually own. And my kids love. Which is how I know other kids will love it too.

Check out these amazing dinosaur gifts for kids!

Dinosaur Toys for Kids

fun dinosaur toys for kids

1. Dinosaur Playset Dinosaur Gift

If you need a dinosaur gift idea for a kid who loves dinosaurs, this dinosaur gift set is a great place to start.

My kids have gotten countless hours of entertainment out of this dinosaur gift set. My daughter received it over three years ago and it still gets almost daily play.

My kids use these dinosaurs on a DIY dinosaur table my husband built with trees, rocks and volcanoes that are perfect for creating a dinosaur land for the plastic dinosaur toys to live in.

But these dinosaurs can be played with anywhere. My kids have taken them in the backyard, on trips, in the kiddie pool or water table in the summer. And just about everywhere else you can think of.

This is absolutely one of the best dinosaur gifts for kids.

dinosaur toy gift for kids

2. Dinosaur Volcano House with 5 Plush Dinosaurs

For a softer set of dinosaur toys kids will love to play with, I like this dinosaur set. There are five stuffed dinosaurs and a fun little volcano house for them to live in.

There is something about the volcano home for the dinosaurs that makes this toy set extra fun. My kids love zipping toys inside and then taking them out again. Plus it makes them easy to tote around.

And my favorite thing, this whole set is washable! I love stuffed animals that aren’t destroyed if they get spilled on. We’re hard on toys at my house.

lego dinosaur gifts for kids

3. Lego Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

This Lego dinosaur set can actually be turned into four different dinosaurs. There are instructions for three main builds and then a bonus build. Which I thought was cool.

The set is a great dinosaur gift for kids in the 7 to 12 age range. If you want a dinosaur lego set for a younger child, I like this one or this one.

dinosaur gift ideas for kids | dinosaur stuffed animal |

4. Giant T- Rex Stuffed Animal

What’s more fun than a dinosaur stuffed animal? One that’s the same size as you are! Which is why kids will love this giant T-Rex stuffed animal. It’s two feet tall. And sure to become a favorite for playing and snuggling with at night.

If two feet tall just doesn’t seem big enough, be sure to check out the four-foot tall JUMBO version of this colorful and fun and dinosaur toy.

fun dinosaur toy | dinosaur gift idea for kids |

5. Dinosaur Toys & Flexible Racetrack Cars Jurassic World Set

What do racing cars and dinosaurs have to do with one another? I have absolutely no idea. But somehow they combined to make a truly awesome dinosaur toy.

What usually happens after setting up the track is the cars race around while your kids make the dinosaurs chase them. The track can be set up multiple ways. And there are endless ways to play with this set.

It is supposed to be like Jurassic World with the cars and the dinosaurs chasing them. Chances are if you have younger kids they aren’t old enough to have seen Jurassic World but that doesn’t mean they won’t find racing cars and dinosaurs an entertaining combination.

dinosaur bath toy | dinosaur gift ideas

6. Dinosaur Toy Bath Play Set

Because most kids already have dinosaur toys for every other area of the house, here is a set that can be played with in the bathtub!

The dinosaur toy set pieces stick to any hard surface when they’re wet. So your child can create a dinosaur scene on the side of the bathtub or the wall. And enjoy moving the pieces around, getting them wet, washing them off and more.

Plus, I love that these are bath toys that dry easily and won’t fill with water and mildew or start to stink. Which is a problem with a lot of bath toys. Good clean fun in the tub!

dinosaur gift idea for kids | dinosaur board game |

7. Dinosaur Escape Game

For a dinosaur gift the entire family can enjoy, check out The Dinosaur Escape Game. The object of the game is to get the dinosaurs safely to dinosaur island before the volcano erupts.

This is a great game for kids because the players work together rather than competing. Which keeps the fighting and meltdowns to a minimum.

There is another great dinosaur board game called Dino Meal. But the price is outrageous. So I can’t really recommend it. Unless you can find it for less at a local store.

best dinosaur gift for grade school kid

blank8. Dinosaurs & Slime Kit

This dinosaur toy set combines two very popular things. Dinosaurs and slime. It includes dinosaur toys, dinosaur eggs that hatch AND both pre-made and DIY slime! Plus a dinosaur land and carrying case.

It just doesn’t get much better than this. Your kids will love it. 

dinosaur toy gift idea

9. Giant Dinosaur Transporter Truck

When I first looked at this dinosaur truck I admit I didn’t really get it. What do dinosaurs and trucks have to do with one another? But my husband took one look at it and declared it a cool toy.

Turns out my kids agreed with him. I shouldn’t have been surprised since dinosaurs and cars are two things they collect in abundance.

I’m betting your kids will see the appeal too. And they will love hauling their cars and dinosaurs around in this cool transporter truck!

best dinosaur toys for kids

10. Dinosaur Building Block Action Figures

This dinosaur toy is a great combination of DIY building play and then imaginative play with the newly assembled dinosaurs.

The toy dinosaurs are pretty easy to put together for kids upwards of age six. Younger kids will still enjoy these. They will just need help with assembly.

Once assembled the dinosaur parts fit snug enough not to fall apart during play, which was a concern I had. They can also be taken apart and parts switched between different dinosaurs.

Hours of fun to be had with this toy.

Dinosaur Activities for Kids that Make Great Gifts

dinosaur gifts for kids

11. Dig it Up! Dinosaur Eggs

This was absolutely my daughter’s favorite dinosaur gift she’s ever received. She’s working through her second box of eggs as we speak.

The baby dinosaurs inside the egg are small but high quality. And fun to play with after they’ve been dug out.

Digging out the dinosaurs is messy but fun. Plan to have your child work on top of newspaper or plastic for easier cleanup.

It’s worth the mess to see their delight when the baby dinosaur is revealed in the clay.

dinosaur activities for kids | dinosaur gifts ideas for kids |

12. National Geographic Kids Dinosaur Sticker Activity Book

For an inexpensive dinosaur activity book, this one from National Geographic is my favorite. There are mazes, puzzles and sticker activities to keep kids busy for quite a while.

It’s a great activity for travel or taking somewhere your child needs something to do that is easy to pack along with you.

dinosaur gift ideas for kids

13. Create with Clay Dinosaurs

This dinosaur gift idea is an interesting combination of science learning activity and craft. The set includes three dinosaur skeletons and five different colors of clay for creating unique dinosaurs.

It’s a unique idea that appeals to kids with a broad range of interests.

dinosaur gift ideas for kids

14. Dino Fossil Dig Kit

This is the ideal gift for a future paleontologist! The kit includes one digging brick with three fossils to be excavated. One is bone, one is a tooth and also some dinosaur poop.

The included learning guide will teach young dinosaur enthusiasts all about the fossils they are digging up. This dinosaur gift is definitely going to be a hit with kids.

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dinosaur gift for kid who loves dinosaurs

15. The Dinosaur Creativity Book

For creative dinosaur fans, I love this dinosaur creativity book. It includes over a hundred reusable stickers (when I was a kid we called these colorforms) as well as stencils for learning to draw dinosaurs, craft paper with reptile scales, puzzles, craft ideas and more.

This a great dinosaur gift because it includes multiple activities for different uses.

unique dinosaur gift idea puzzle

16. Glow in the Dark Dino Puzzle

My kids love giant floor puzzles that involve crawling around to put together. This one’s definitely a favorite. It’s a dinosaur puzzle that glows in the dark!

The dinosaurs look typical but when you turn off the lights you can see their skeletons glowing in the dark. It’s super cool.

One caveat, this puzzle is 100 pieces and it’s not easy to put together without a parent helping out.

For younger dino fans, I prefer this large dinosaur floor puzzle. It doesn’t glow but it’s easy enough for an older toddler to preschooler to learn to put together by themselves. And we all know how much they like to do everything themselves.

dinosaur gifts for kids

17. Dinosaur 3D Sandbox

I have a love-hate relationship with indoor sand. The mess it makes when my kids play with it is unholy. But it has kept them busy for HOURS with little help needed from me. So, I’m still a fan. At least until I have to clean it up.

This dinosaur indoor sandbox is a great version of this type of toy for dinosaur fans. The dinosaur molds are fun. But the real highlight is burying the dinosaur toys in the sand and then digging them out again.

best dinosaur gift for kid who loves dinosaurs

18. Large Dinosaur Excavation Kit

This dinosaur excavation kit involves digging out an entire dinosaur skeleton. The work gets a little dusty but the skeleton itself is cool. And will delight a young dinosaur fan.

The skeleton, once you dig it out, is really more like a model for looking at. As it doesn’t hold up to much rough playing (which is the only kind dinosaurs do, right?).

So, you may have to talk to your kid about it being more of a decoration for looking at than a toy once they dig it out and assemble it if that might be a problem for them.

gift ideas for kids who love dinosaurs

19. Decorate Your Own Dinosaur Kit

If you’re looking for an easy dinosaur craft, these paintable dinosaur figures are a fun gift idea. The paint and figure are higher quality than some kits, which was a nice surprise.

The dinosaurs are not accurate as far as current science, they look more like the dinosaurs we saw pictured when I was a kid. But it didn’t seem to affect my kids’ enjoyment of the painting activity.

best dinosaur gift idea for kids

20. The Magic School Bus: Back in Time with Dinosaurs

This dinosaur activity kit includes ideas, information, and supplies for multiple activities related to dinosaurs. Kids can make a timeline, a diorama, and build a model dinosaur among other things.

Very science-based and factual. Perfect for young dinosaur enthusiasts to really dive deep!

Dinosaur Books for Kids Gifts

dinosaur book for kids

21. Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

If you need a gift idea for a kid who loves dinosaurs, this book should be at the top of your shopping list. Tons of information and facts about different dinosaurs. Including many you have never heard of.

I thought this book was fascinating and loved reading it with my kids. It has gorgeous images. But everything is broken up in a way that is digestible for kids.

dinosaur gift idea for kids

22. Encyclopedia Prehistorica: The Definitive Pop-Up

This is an informative dinosaur book with an extra special element that will make it an instant favorite with your kids. Check out the awesome pop-ups in this book!

Every page is like a work of art. With pop up dinosaurs that will dazzle your kids as you read through the book. Very cool. And super fun to read.

dinosaur gifts for kids

23. Dinosaur A-Z

If you need a dinosaur book for toddlers, Dinosaur A-Z is a perfect choice. The pictures are interesting. They are more realistic looking than cartoonish. But still very appealing.

The pages of the book are heavy duty and don’t tear easily. So perfect for toddlers to hold and look at without fear of destroying the book. Plus it helps them learn the alphabet!

best dinosaur book for kids

24. Life on Earth: Dinosaurs

Does your child have questions about dinosaurs? There is a good chance this book can answer them! It contains 100 questions about dinosaurs and the answers too of course.

Plus it has flaps to lift, which kids always find fun. This book is a perfect dinosaur gift for kids to learn and have fun with.

dinosaur gift ideas for kids who love dinosaurs

25. Jurassic Poop: What Dinosaurs (and Others) Left Behind

You can already tell your kids will be into this book, right? Just by reading the title? It’s actually a delightful book. Funny and informative.

It has plenty of facts and educational content shared in an entertaining style that will keep kids attention. A great way to combine learning and fun in a book.

Dinosaur Clothes & Costumes for Kids

dinosaur gifts for kids

26. Dinosaur Socks

These are great kids socks. Plus they have dinosaurs, so. My daughter received these as a gift and they quickly became her favorite socks.

They are super cute because they have dinosaurs. But they are also super comfortable. And the elastic is good enough that they don’t constantly slide down. Just all around great socks. And they will make a fun little gift idea for a kid who loves dinosaurs.

dinosaur costume gift for kids

27. Dinosaur Costume for Kids

This dinosaur costume was purchased three years ago for my oldest daughter for Halloween. And it’s still a popular item in our dress up box. It comes in sizes from toddler to adult, so if you want your own, you can have it.

It’s very soft and comfortable and can be worn around as a costume, as clothes, as pajamas, or wherever you feel like taking a kid in a dinosaur costume.

dinosaur gift ideas for kids

28. Dinosaur Graphic 3-D Sweatshirt

This is a very cool sweatshirt for a kid that’s into dinosaurs. The 3D graphics and bright colors make it fun to wear. Plus it’s a nice weight and soft.

There is also a Christmas version of this sweatshirt that I find hilarious.

dinosaur gifts for kids whole love dinosaurs

29. Dinosaur Pattern Canvas Slip Ons

These dinosaur print canvas shoes are the perfect dinosaur gift for kids. Definitely check out the listing on Amazon because these shoes come in a wide variety of colors and different dinosaur prints.

You’ll be able to find a pair to fit the style of any dinosaur fan.

dinosaur gift idea for kids

30. Dinosaur Wearable Blanket

The perfect dinosaur gift for a kid who likes to snuggle, this wearable blanket is adorable. It’s perfect for taking to bed or wrapping up in on the couch.

Kids will love the softness and the almost costume-like shape of this blanket.

Dinosaur Gifts for Kids They’re Sure to Love!

Dinosaur toys and activities are the perfect gifts for teaching kids about science and getting them excited about learning! Kids love dinosaurs because they are amazing! And one of the great things is that there is always more to learn. Which is where dinosaur books and games come in.

Dinosaur gifts of clothes and costumes well, those are just cool.

What’s your favorite item on this list? Tell me about it in the comments!

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Use this List to Find the Perfect Dinosaur Gift for Kids!

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Best Dinosaur Gifts for Kids

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best dinosaur gift ideas for kids

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