25 Best Daniel Tiger Toys for Kids {Ages 2-4}

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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Toys

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood when you find the perfect Daniel Tiger Toys for your little one! If you have a toddler or preschooler chances are your child is a fan of Daniel Tiger and his neighborhood of friends and family. Now they can bring that enthusiasm into playtime with these super fun Daniel Tiger toys!

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Popular Daniel Tiger Toys for Toddlers & Preschoolers


1. Daniel Tiger Plush Toy

This adorable Daniel Tiger plush toy is the perfect size for snuggles with your little one. Plus Daniel can talk and sing!

Daniel can speak or sing 10 different phrases and songs that will delight your child as they recognize them from the show. Kids can press his paw to hear him speak and sing.

(If you get enough of Daniel Tiger’s songs from the show, check out this non-talking Daniel Tiger plush).

This Daniel Tiger stuffed animal is soft enough for sleeping with and a great toy for playtime too. It’s a number one best seller on Amazon with rave reviews.

Order your child their own Daniel Tiger plush toy here.


2. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Friends Figure Set

This Daniel Tiger playset includes all of the friends from the neighborhood. Pocket sized toys that are perfect for little hands to move and play with.

This 5 figure set of toys with poseable arms and movable heads will allow your child to create their own neighborhood adventures.


3. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Trolley

The trolley in Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood is one of the most iconic images from the show. And this toy version is a ton of fun.

For one thing, the trolley really moves! Just pull it back and watch it roll! It also makes a fun “ding ding” sound just like in the show.

The open roof of the trolley allows your child to play with the included Daniel Tiger figurine. And there is also room for his friends (sold separately) if your child has collected them all.


4. Bathtub Daniel Tiger Toy

This Daniel Tiger toy is perfect for bath time fun with your toddler or preschooler. Kids can help Daniel take a bath after taking off his robe and slippers. And bring him in to their bath tub as well.

Toy comes with an octopus squirter and Daniel’s tub. As well as Daniel’s robe and slippers.

Plus the Daniel figurine has movable arms and legs. And is a good size at 7″ tall.


5. Daniel Tiger’s Trolley Pop Up Tent

Pop-up tents are just plain fun and this Daniel Tiger Trolley tent is a guaranteed hit with little kids.

It’s an easy to set up play tent kids can play with indoors or outdoors. Openings on each end make for easy access. And the end curtains can be secured open or left closed.

This pop-up tent is perfect for everything from imaginative play to a quiet place to rest. Your child is going to love it!


6. Mini Daniel Tiger Plush Toy

This Daniel Tiger plush toy is 7″ of snuggly friend for your toddler or preschooler. It’s a great size for the kid who wants to bring their stuffie everywhere.

One thing to note about this plush that makes it a great choice is that you can easily find all of Daniel’s friends in the same size. This is helpful if your child wants to collect them all!


7. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Family Set

I’ll admit to being partial to Daniel Tiger’s family. His loving, sensible parents, sweet little Margaret. And best of all Tigey!

This adorable playset pairs well with the pullback trolley toy because the characters can fit inside.

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8. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Cell Phone Toy

How many times has your child held your phone and pretended to take a call? Now they can have their own phone and talk to their favorite friends from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

This toy cell phone allows kids to talk to Daniel Tiger and 5 of his friends! And it features recognizable character phrases and some fun phone sounds.

A fun Daniel Tiger toy for toddlers!


9. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Katerina Kittycat Mini Plush

This Katerina Kittycat plush is a fun addition to any kids Daniel tiger toy collection.

If your child loves Katerina Kittycat or they are looking for a companion for their Daniel Tiger plush then this toy is exactly what you need.


10. Daniel Tiger’s Friends & Stuffies Playset

This is probably my favorite of the Daniel Tiger figurines playsets. This 10 piece set comes with Daniel and his friends as well as their favorite stuffies!

If there is one thing toddlers understand it’s the bond you can have with a beloved stuffed toy. Daniel & Tigey are a perfect match. And his friends and their stuffies too.

This set is really fun if your child likes to play they are putting their toys to bed, having them have sleepovers, or playing together with their toys.

It’s a very unique set that will be fun for hours of imaginative play!


11. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood O the Owl Mini Plush

O the Owl is one of Daniel Tiger’s best friends. He loves reading in his book nest. And lives next door to Katerina Kittycat. I love his little green shoes. Your little Daniel Tiger fan probably loves O the Owl too.

Which is why they will love this O the Owl plush toy! It’s a mini plush and the same size as the Daniel & Katerina plush toys earlier in this list.

The perfect size toy for snuggling, playtime, and bringing with you wherever you go! Add O the Owl to your child’s Daniel Tiger toy collection!


12. Daniel Tiger’s Deluxe Electronic Trolley

This is a fancier trolley toy. And fun in different ways. The trolley comes with Daniel and his mom. And it has room for up to six figurines if your child has other neighborhood friends.

The trolley moves forward with the push of a button. And it can play two songs, say 12+ phrases. And comes with a working light. All that plus a cute little handle.


13. Bath Tub Daniel Tiger Voyage Adventure Toy

Send Daniel Tiger on a bath tub voyage adventure with this fun toddler tub toy! The play set comes with the boat, the Daniel Tiger figurine, and the octopus and squirting fish.

A fun Daniel Tiger toy for the tub! Or the pool or the sink. Or even a tub of water.


14. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Tigey Plush

Would your child like to snuggle up with their own Daniel Tiger Tigey plush? Just like Daniel Tiger’s favorite stuffed animal, this Tigey is a delightful stuffed animal friend for kiddos.

If your child would rather pretend to be Daniel Tiger than just play with him, they will love having their own Tigey stuffed animal.


15. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Sing Along Toy

Now your toddler or preschooler can sing along to their favorite Daniel Tiger songs! They can even record themselves singing with the special microphone.

Then they can play the songs over and over. And over. And over. Until you hide the batteries for a few months. Then when you give them back it will be new and fun again;)

Kidding. It really is a fun toy. And toddler singing is darling. No matter how many times you hear it.


16. Daniel Tiger Costume for Toddlers

Not just for Halloween, this Daniel Tiger costume is perfect for pretend play time!

Your child will want to dress up as Daniel Tiger all year long. So add this colorful costume to your child’s dress up box collection. And let the fun begin!


17. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Musical Instrument Playset

Music is a huge part of so many Daniel Tiger toys. It’s because of how much music is a part of the show. Which is of course one of many things kids love about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Kids love learning, expressing themselves, and just plain enjoying music. Which is exactly what this set of Daniel Tiger themed toys will let them do.

Let your preschooler make a joyful noise with these fun musical instruments!


18. Daniel Tiger’s Friendly Songs Sound Book

This interactive board book for toddlers features beloved songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The lyrics to the songs along with fun pictures are on each page. As well as buttons on the side to play the song.

Hearing the songs and looking at the words can help develop early literacy skills. And your toddler can practice their fine motor skills by pushing the buttons.

This is a must-have book for toddlers who love Daniel Tiger and all his fun songs.


19. Daniel Tiger Snuggle & Glow Plush Toy

Daniel Tiger Snuggle & Glow is a bedtime toy for toddlers who want to snuggle up with a fun nighttime friend.

Daniel shares his bedtime routine with bedtime phrases. And he plays a clip from the goodnight song from the show.

And best of all, Tigey, Daniel’s sweet stuffed animal glows. Making this bedtime buddy a comforting friend AND a nightlight.

In glow mode, Daniel Tiger’s mom can also be heard singing the full version of a bedtime song.


20. Welcome to Main Street Daniel Tiger Game

This is a super fun preschool board game! In the game Daniel Tiger and his friends make their way around Main Street collecting items for their backpacks from various shops.

Board games are a great way to teach preschoolers about taking turns, following directions, and playing together in a group. And this game is designed with preschool kids in mind.

You can play the game with 2-4 players. And it’s best for preschoolers around age 3 to 4 or older.

It’s a great price. And an excellent Daniel Tiger gift idea if you’re looking for something unique your preschooler will love.


21. Daniel Tiger Travel Colorforms Set

This is the cheapest item on this list of Daniel Tiger toys but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a blast for kids to play with!

I love these colorform sets. It’s basically a set of stickers and a background to arrange them on. This set is of course Daniel Tiger and his friends!

My kids love these. And I pick them up whenever I get a chance. I’ve also used them as party favors. And travel games for my kids when they need activities for the car. Or something to do in a hotel room or on a camping trip.

Grab yours and bring it along for your child on your next family trip!


22. It’s You I Like Daniel Tiger Flip & Find Activity Book

This unique flip and find book features Daniel Tiger and his friends exploring their neighborhood.

Each page has flaps designed for little hands. And when flaps are lifted they reveal matching games and activities perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.


23. Daniel Tiger Felt Puppets & Trolley

If you’re looking for a Daniel Tiger toy that is truly unique, check out these Daniel Tiger felt puppets & trolley!

The puppets are made of felt. And can be moved around as your child re-enacts scenes from their favorite episodes of the show. Or even creates their own story lines.

Both the house and the trolley have a pocket where you can stick the puppets to show they are inside.

If you want to give a gift that is different from what you will find at the store, you’ll love these adorable puppets.


24. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Character Masks

These darling masks are the perfect addition to your child’s dress up box! Get the mask of their favorite character, or even a complete set if they like to change things up.

The masks are sized for toddlers up through age 12, so pick the right size for your child. And let the hours of imaginary fun begin!


25. Daniel Tiger Quiet Book for Toddlers

This is kind of the grandaddy of all Daniel Tiger gifts. It’s a unique Daniel Tiger Quiet Book for toddlers that can personalized for your child.

A quiet book is a book of activities and games for kids to play with when they need to be quiet.

This book is awesome for travel or for doctor’s waiting rooms. I’ve even heard people use them to keep their kids quietly occupied during church.

Each book is unique and can be customized so they are a bit of an investment. But the book itself is amazing. And guaranteed your child will love it. And it will buy you hours of peace and quiet at the times you need it most.

Why Choose Toys From Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an animated television series for toddlers and preschoolers. The show was inspired by the ultimate in great television for kids, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.

Like Mister Rogers before him, Daniel and his friends and family teach and model life skills and social and emotional skills to young children. Most notably with Daniel Tiger, in the form of songs that your child will sing endlessly. (And so will you because you can’t get them out of your head!).

Many of the songs from Daniel Tiger can be used by parents and kids in real life to remind kids of lessons from the show. (Who can forget, “When you have to go potty, STOP! And go right away!”).

Four year old Daniel Tiger invites your child into his world in a way toddlers and preschoolers can relate to. And let’s kids learn lessons alongside Daniel as he meets challenges they will recognize from their own lives. (There is even an upcoming episode where Daniel is in lockdown at home!)

Daniel Tiger is one of the best educational shows for toddlers and preschoolers. And one of the most beloved. Which is why your child will love these Daniel Tiger toys to bring the magic of the neighborhood into your home!

Choose from the 25 best Daniel Tiger toys from the list above!

Daniel Tiger Gift Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Daniel Tiger toys make great gifts for toddlers and preschoolers. Ones you can feel good about giving.

Finding the best Daniel Tiger toy for your toddler will give you one of those good feelings Daniel Tiger is always singing about.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, inspired by Mister Rogers, is such a positive and fun show for young kids. You never have to worry if you’re giving a gift that’s right for their age or will somehow be inappropriate.

Watching Daniel navigate big feelings, disappointments and new experiences helps children learn how to handle those things in their own lives. Which is a gift all by itself.

And man, those songs are catchy! All reasons your child loves the show. And why you can feel good about giving Daniel Tiger toys and those related to his neighborhood of friends and family as gifts.

These toys are the perfect way to bring your child’s love of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood into playtime. And it will probably bring some of the learning with it too. What a wonderful gift!

Exploring this list of the best Daniel Tiger toys will help you choose the ones your child will love most!

The Best Daniel Tiger Toys for Preschoolers & Toddlers

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