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11 Cute Christmas Baby Bibs for the Holidays

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Cute Christmas Baby Bibs to Drool Over (You or Your Baby)

How can you keep your baby’s adorable Christmas outfit from turning into a stained, damp mess before you can take a single adorable photo? One of these cute Christmas baby bibs! Sure you could protect your baby or toddler’s holiday clothes with any old bib, but what’s the fun in that? Especially when there are so many fun Christmas bib options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a fun little baby gift or something to keep your own baby’s Christmas clothes safe, a Christmas baby bib is exactly what you need!

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Baby Christmas Bib with Santa

1. Baby Christmas Bib by Mud Pie

This high quality Christmas baby bib is so cute you might want to leave it on for some of your baby’s Christmas photos. And it’s big enough to be useful during your baby’s holiday meal for protecting their fancy Christmas outfit from most food. 

One of the best cute Christmas bibs to give as a gift or use for your own baby. 

Baby's first Christmas bibs for baby

2. Set of 4  My First Christmas Baby Bibs

These four adorable My First Christmas Baby Bibs give you not only one cute Christmas baby bib, but three backups in case the first one takes on too much drool or food. 

All four of the Christmas bibs are cute and more importantly, waterproof! So they are even better at protecting your baby’s clothes from any mess when they eat. 

Christmas Pattern Bibs for Baby

3. Ultimate Waterproof Christmas Bibs for Baby

These are cool Christmas bibs for a baby with a little bit of style. If you’re looking for a holiday baby bib that is classy and simple with a holiday theme but without a giant reindeer or Santa, these are the bibs you need. 

Honestly, these holiday bibs look like wrapping paper. But I mean that in a good way! They are cute! And are more likely to blend in with your baby’s Christmas outfit if that’s what you’d prefer. 

These are good bibs. They work well. And make a great baby gift for a new mom at Christmas time. 

Christmas baby bandana bibs

4. Hudson Baby Christmas Bandana Bibs

The beauty of a Christmas baby bandana bib is that it can really look like part of your baby’s Christmas outfit. I love the Hudson brand of bandana bibs. And in addition to the adorable Santa set pictured above (I would buy it for the socks alone!) there is also a fun reindeer themed set of holiday bandana bibs and one with trucks and Christmas trees

Each set of bandana bibs and socks also includes at least one bib that is simply striped or plaid and doesn’t scream CHRISTMAS. So you could use it well beyond the holidays. Which makes this set a great Christmas baby gift that will have a use after December. 

cute Christmas bibs for babies

5. Bumkins Sleeved Cute Christmas Baby Bib

This is an awesome Christmas bib for babies to wear when they are eating in a really fancy Christmas outfit! This is the pre-Christmas photo bib! This thing has sleeves! And it’s waterproof, wipable, and washable. What more could you ask for?

Plus it’s super cute and makes your baby look like Santa! You might even want a Christmas photo of your baby with the bib on.

adorable Chrismtas baby bibs

6. Inktastic Too Adorable Christmas Bib for Babies

An adorable Christmas baby bib that says something a little different. This is a high-quality bib that’s a good size for protecting your baby’s clothes. And has a fun message.

This makes an adorable baby Christmas gift and a handy bib for the holiday meal with your little one. 

cheap Christmas baby bib

7. Reindeer Holiday Bib for Baby

If you’ve been reading this list shaking your head over spending so much money on a Christmas baby bib that will likely be worn only a couple of times, then this reindeer holiday bib is for you.

This is a cute Christmas baby bib that is also functional and CHEAP. The perfect little add on for a new mom or baby Christmas gift. Or an inexpensive bib for your own baby this Christmas.

If you love cute Christmas bibs but you don’t want to spend a lot on something seasonal, this is the bib you need. 

first Christmas baby bibs

8. My First Christmas Baby Bib

It’s your baby’s first Christmas! So a first Christmas baby bib is a fun idea for a gift or to use in baby’s Christmas photos. 

I cringe a little that this bib is white. It will work great if your concern is drool but skip the colorful baby food if you want to use this bib more than once. 

It is cute though, and almost all of the first Christmas baby bibs are white (check them out, I’m not kidding!). 

cute Christmas bibs for girls

9. Little Treasure Christmas Baby Bibs for Girls

These cute Christmas baby bibs and matching socks are a little sparkle and glam for baby girls needing to protect their Christmas dresses. 

I love the socks as much as the bibs. There is another similar set you might want to check out, see it here before you make your purchase (or maybe you’ll want both!).

personalized Christmas baby bibs

10. Personalized Christmas Baby Bib

A personalized Christmas baby bib makes a fun gift and a wonderful keepsake for after Christmas. This unique and adorable Christmas bib is soft and thick. And will look adorable on your baby this Christmas. 

Holiday drool bibs for babies at Christmas

11. Christmas Drool Bibs for Baby

These Christmas drool bibs come in 25 different prints! Help your adorable drooler stay festive all season long with a variety of these Christmas bandana bibs! Everything from Santa and snowmen to candy canes and holly. 

There are even a few bibs with glitter. And be sure to check out the photos in the seller reviews of all the adorable babies sporting these stylin’ Christmas bibs!

Adorable Baby Bibs for Christmas Cuteness!

Whether you need something sweet to give as a new mom or baby gift at Christmas or you have a Christmas cutie who needs their clothes protected from drool and baby food, you need these bibs! These cute Christmas bibs for babies and toddlers are perfect for keeping your little one stylish and clean during the holidays!

Cute Christmas Baby Bibs for the Holidays

Christmas bibs for toddlers
baby Christmas bib
small Christmas gift for baby
easy baby's first christmas gift

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  1. While some quality baby bibs can be used for months and even years at a time, others are most appropriate for certain situations, like your Christmas list. My kid will love them all, I hope 😉

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