Christmas craft ideas for kids

Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids to Make this Holiday Season

Looking for a kid craft for Christmas? Christmas crafts are a fun way to help your kids get into the spirit of the holiday season. Whether you want to help them make DIY Christmas gifts for grandparents and friends or just keep them busy during winter break, check out these super fun Christmas crafts for kids!

It’s worth noting, I’m not exactly super skilled when it comes to crafting and DIY. So, I’ve tried to focus on Christmas crafts kids can make with easy to find supplies. And crafts that allow kids to do most of the work themselves (I prefer a more supervisory role at craft time.)

So, even if you’re not a “craft mom” there is sure to be a few crafts here you can make with your kids this Christmas. And if you’re looking for even more fun holiday crafts, check out this list of 85+ easy Christmas crafts for kids!

One more thing before we get into the crafts, be sure to check out this post for another great holiday kid activity: Free Printable Santa Letter Template for Kids

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Holiday Crafts for Kids – Easy & Fun!

Christmas craft for kids

1. Jingle Bell Wreath Ornament Christmas Craft for Kids

This is one of the easiest Christmas crafts to do with kids that doesn’t come in a pre-made kit. Super simple and fun and the end result is totally cute.

Plus your kids will love ringing the jingle bells! They will love it so much that I highly recommend you hang these ornaments high on the tree, out of their reach just to save your own sanity. (Kidding! Kind of…)

DIY ornament for kids

2. Finger Painted Christmas Ornament Kid Craft

This Christmas craft project will require a trip to a craft store to get the necessary supplies. But from that point on it’s pretty easy.

I love that kids can do the finger painting and be as messy as they want but with the shapes, you can make it look really nice in the end.

elf holiday craft for kids

3. Easy Elf Craft for Kids

If you’re looking for an easy Christmas craft for preschoolers, this elf is perfect for you. It’s easy to make and you probably have most of the supplies to make it on hand already.

My kids enjoyed it and it kept them busy. Plus the elf is really cute.

Christmas craft for kids

4. DIY Glitter Pine Cone Ornament Kid Craft for Christmas

This DIY glitter pine cone ornament is so easy! Your kids will love it. And you’ll love how little actual crafting skill is required to make it.

Plus, it’s really pretty! Your kids will feel proud when they see it on the tree or give it as a fun DIY gift.

The mess though. Anytime you’re using glitter. Beware of the mess. Just sayin’.

Santa Christmas craft for kids

5. Santa Kids Craft w/Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet paper roll crafts are some of the easiest and most fun to do with kids. Plus, you always have toilet paper rolls around.

Your kids will love this fun little toilet paper roll Santa. And you will too. Because it’s fun to make. But not overly messy or complicated. So, start saving the empty toilet paper rolls for your kids Christmas crafts!

DIY Christmas tree ornaments for kids

6. Funky Christmas Ornaments

A Christmas tree ornament to hang on your Christmas tree, how perfect is that? This is a fun Christmas craft for kids to make! They can do all the initial setup and layout.

Christmas crafts for kids supplies

Then mom and dad come along with the hot glue gun to put everything together.

kids craft for Christmas

7. Pine Cone Christmas Trees

There is something about pine cones made into Christmas ornaments that my kids just love. And with this fun kids Christmas craft, your kids will love them too.

supplies for kids Christmas crafts

You’ll need a few craft supplies and some little pom poms like these to decorate your pine cone trees. But nothing difficult to find or overly expensive.

And in the end, you’ll have a simple Christmas craft for kids that makes a fun ornament.

Christmas activities for kids

8. Salt Dough Handprint Ornament Christmas Kids Craft

If you’ve never done a kids craft with salt dough, this handprint ornament is a great time to try it out.

The dough is super easy to make and I can almost guarantee you already have the ingredients to make it in your kitchen.

Kids love making a handprint in the dough and then decorating it. This project will actually need to be done in two sessions because the salt dough ornament needs to be baked before your kids can decorate it.

But the good news is that means you have a Christmas craft activity for two different days over your kids winter break!

Don’t forget to seal your salt dough ornaments once they’re complete so you can enjoy them year after year.

santa claus kids craft for christmas

9. Santa Craft for Kids

For a simple Santa craft, this one is hard to beat. It’s perfect for young kids and requires no crafting skills whatsoever (yay!).

The linked blog post even has a printable Santa template you can use to make this Christmas craft even easier.

You’ll need to pick up a few craft items and some cotton balls to make this one. But then you can let your kids do most of the work.

DIY ornament craft for kids

10. Homemade Pom Pom Christmas Ornament Craft

This paper version of the traditional Christmas ball ornament is another Christmas kids craft that is mainly gluing. And poms poms. Lots of these crafts require pom poms.

This Christmas craft is really fun for kids. My kids always get a kick out of pom poms. And I feel safe letting them wield a bottle of Elmer’s glue on their own. So, this Christmas craft was exactly our speed.

Christmas tree craft for kids

11. Christmas Tree Puzzle Craft for Kids

If you just can’t bring yourself to throw out your old puzzles with missing pieces, this craft is a fun way to upcycle them!

And if you don’t have any puzzles like that (really, none?), there are usually hundreds of used puzzles at thrift stores.

This project is mainly painting and gluing. And the resulting Christmas tree craft is very cool and unique. Using an old puzzle is a fun way to make an interesting craft. Somebody was thinking when they came up with this one.

Christmas craft for kids

12. Thumbprint Reindeer Ornament

Making thumbprint reindeer is fun. And they’re cute! My kids and I used an ink pad for this craft. But I am interested to try the KwikStix quick drying paint the author of the post suggests. And then try making these again. Our reindeer would probably be less smudgy with the paint.

kids christmas craft supplies

And don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to reindeer. Thumbprint snowmen, Santa, and a variety of animals not related to Christmas ended up becoming part of our craft time. Get creative. You can make ornaments out of your kids’ best efforts.

Christmas craft idea for kids

13. Footprint Mistletoe Christmas Craft for Kids

This footprint mistletoe craft is a fun way to preserve your child’s footprint without the mess of paint or dough on feet. Have you ever done paint on feet? It’s…messy.

The linked blog post has a free mistletoe template you can use to make this craft even easier. But you can also kind of wing it if you’re not concerned about perfection.

The fun of many of these crafts is looking at the posted idea and then finding ways to make it your own. So, if your kids are having fun and want to veer away from the scripted directions, let them.

popsicle stick Christmas craft for toddlers

14. Popsicle Frame Christmas Craft

Help your kids make a fun DIY Christmas gift for grandparents or friends with this popsicle stick photo frame.

They can make it into a refrigerator magnet or a Christmas tree ornament with yarn or magnets.

I have a popsicle stick frame my daughter made two years ago still on my tree. So, with the occasional re-gluing repair, these Christmas crafts can last.

christmas tree craft for kids

15. Christmas Tree Shape Craft

Using the provided template, your kids will have fun creating their own Christmas tree craft decoration. My kids had fun with this very simple craft.

It’s great if you have colored construction paper. But if you don’t, I don’t see why you can’t color white paper and make this craft work.

You can even make this one educational by talking about the different shapes involved in creating the Christmas tree.

snowman holiday craft for kids

16. Paint Stick Snowman Craft for Kids

Aren’t these paint stick snowmen cute? I love how easy they are to make. And how unique each snowman can be depending on the supplies you have.

Paint sticks are pretty easy to come by if you don’t happen to have them. Then you can round up stray buttons, fabric scraps, and more for decorations. This craft helped me use up some of the fabric left over from my ill-fated attempt to learn to sew.

Christmas craft for kids

17. Handprint Angel Christmas Card

For a homemade holiday card, this Christmas craft for kids is easy to make and a fun gift for friends and family.

This craft does require some parent help. My kids like having their hands traced but can’t do it themselves. And again, there is a hot glue gun involved, which requires an adult.  

The linked post even has a video tutorial for this, so if you are a more visual learner, they’ve got you covered with this angel kids’ craft.

Christmas crafts for kids

18. Candy Cane Ice Skate Ornaments

I’m obsessed with candy canes. Absolutely my favorite candy. But I’m willing to spare a few for this kids’ Christmas craft.

The supplies needed are pretty minimal. A quick trip to the craft store should set you up.

holiday craft supplies for kids

My kids had a pretty heavy hand with the glitter glue so I suggest either buying extra or keeping a close eye on the amount getting used.

DIY Christmas ornament for kids

19. DIY Christmas Tree Ornament Craft for Kids

Popsicle sticks, pom poms, and a pipe cleaner are just about all you need for this adorable Christmas craft for kids.  

The instructions are very particular about the color of popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. But I encourage you to use whatever craft supplies you have. That’s part of the fun.

And popsicle sticks can be painted to be the right color if you have time to let them dry.

DIY ornaments for kids

20. DIY Ornaments Christmas Craft for Kids

Here are four different ideas for DIY ornaments for kids that turn out super cute and make fun DIY gifts.

The main thing you need here is the clear fillable ornaments. From there you can take this craft idea and run with it using everything from cotton balls to glitter paint.

Let your kids come up with their own ideas and see what you end up with.

Christmas craft ideas for kids

21. Peanut Snowman Christmas Ornaments

I promise your kids will find these hilarious. It’s probably a better craft for slightly older kids because everything involved is tiny.

But with some help, most kids should be able to make their own peanut snowman Christmas ornament. And who wouldn’t want a few of those on their tree?

Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make on Winter Break

With winter break coming up and kids home from school (and often stuck inside due to bad weather), having ideas and supplies for easy to make kids crafts is essential. And so much easier during the Christmas season with snowmen, Santa, trees, and other holiday stuff to make.

I hope you can pick a few of these fun Christmas crafts for kids to have some fun with during the holiday season!

Have Fun Picking a Fun Kid Craft for Christmas!

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Christmas craft ideas for kids

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