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21 Children’s Book Themed Crafts for Kids

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Kids Book Crafts to Make at Home or School

Children’s book themed crafts are so much fun! Making crafts inspired by children’s books is a fun way to combine reading with art. And to let kids create something related to the books they love.

Children’s books with their beautiful illustrations and lovable characters make the perfect inspiration for your kids’ artistic expression. And if you’re attempting some form of homeschooling right now, crafts related to children’s books are a fun way to teach themes from favorite stories. 

And if you’re looking specifically for Dr. Suess Crafts for Kids, I have a whole section of book crafts based on Dr. Suess books towards the bottom. Scroll on down!

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Children’s Book Week Craft Ideas

Children’s Book Week happens every year in May. It’s a celebration of literacy, kids’ books, and the joy of reading! This year it’s May 5th through 11th. So, May is the perfect time to read favorite books with your kids and make crafts to go with them. Children’s Book Week crafts are a fun way to celebrate your kids’ favorite books! Let’s make it a joyful celebration even if it’s happening at home this year instead of at school. 

Having Fun with Book Themed Crafts & Activities for Kids

Over the past few weeks, my kids and their cousins have been taking turns choosing books to read together. Then they create crafts to go along with each of the books. We have a Zoom meeting once a week to read the chosen story together and share our crafts. It’s a fun activity for kids that can be done together even long distance. 

While looking for children’s books art projects for these get togethers, I came across so many wonderful children’s book themed crafts! Below are 21 of my favorite kids’ crafts inspired by books. Check them out below!

21 Crafts & Activities Inspired by Children’s Books

children's book craft

1. The Rainbow Fish Paper Plate Craft

The Rainbow Fish’s beautiful illustrations are the inspiration behind many fun kids’ crafts. (In fact, I have a second craft based on the book later in this post!). 

The Rainbow Fish teaches a wonderful lesson about finding happiness when you learn to share. So, it’s worth reading with your kids. And then following up with this lovely craft. 

The craft itself is fairly easy. If your kids are on the younger side you might need to help with cutting out the circles. And of course, maintain iron control of the glitter so it doesn’t end up strewn from one of the house to other. But most of this book inspired craft can be done by kids. 

Children's book activity

2. Cupcake Liner Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft

This is the perfect book themed craft for preschoolers! It’s easy to do. And based on a book that is a favorite for many young kids. 

Check out the post to see the second half of this fun book inspired craft where kids get to make the butterfly!

children's book themed activities

3.Mo Willems Pigeon Craft for Kids

Do your kids love Mo Willems? This kids’ craft is inspired by his hilarious Pigeon books. It’s an easy craft and I really love how it turns out. 

During social distancing at home, my kids and their cousins have been taking turns reading books to each other over Zoom. And for each book, there is a children’s book themed craft to do. This was one of the first ones the kids chose. And they loved it. 

Ours were pretty cute (I made one too). With each hand making a different size pigeon. The only challenge with this craft was for my preschooler, it was a lot of cutting with scissors. So younger kids will need help with that part. 

kids crafts based on children's books

4. Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons Puppet 

Hey, it’s Pete the Cat! This craft project is inspired by Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. It’s one of my favorite Pete the Cat books, second only to Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes. And with this craft, kids get to make their own Pete the Cat puppet!

Included in the instructions is a Pete template you can download. Templates are so fantastic for those of us who can’t draw well. Then the project becomes about cutting and gluing. Fewer actual artistic skills required.

Although with younger kids, it does mean a parent will probably need to help with the craft. After craft time, your kids can do their own Pete the Cat puppet show!

fun children's book themed craft

5. Put Me in the Zoo Paper Plate Craft

Put Me in a Zoo is an oldie but a goodie. Originally published in 1960, it’s a fun children’s book about a leopard who can change his spots and their colors. 

This is one of my favorite crafts on this list because your kids can do it almost by themselves! Maybe a small assist for little ones to cut out the ears. 

Check out Put Me in a Zoo here if you’ve never read it. It’s really cheap, so an inexpensive and fun addition to your kids’ library. But honestly, your kids will enjoy this craft whether or not they’ve ever read the book. 

children's book week craft

6. The Kissing Hand Children’s Book Craft

Chances are if your child ever struggled with separation anxiety you’ve come across The Kissing Hand. This sweet story about a little one taking mom’s kiss (and love) to school with them is a family favorite. It’s the perfect book for a child nervous about going to school or daycare for the first time. 

And this fun kids craft inspired by the book is a good way to reinforce the message about a parent’s love being with you wherever you go. 

kid crafts inspired by books

7. The Day the Crayons Quit Book Craft

This is one of the easiest art projects based on children’s books. It’s a quick little craft. And the googly-eyed crayons that result are super cute. 

All you need for this book themed craft is a pack of crayons, googly eyes, pipe cleaners. And hopefully, a copy of The Day the Crayons Quit so your kids know what the fun is all about!

kids book crafts

8. Rainbow Fish Children’s Book Craft

I said there would be another Rainbow Fish craft! If the paper plate craft above didn’t catch your eye, how about this one? 

Nothing brings my kids more joy than gluing puff balls to things so this craft was destined to be a hit. Plus, add glitter glue and they were over the moon. A simple and fun book themed craft kids can make at home. 

book themed crafts for preschoolers

9. Guess How Much I Love You Craft

Guess How Much I Love You is a beautiful book about the love between a parent and a child. And this craft is about making your own version. 

This makes a fun book inspired craft for preschoolers or toddlers. Although, it’s worth noting, with this craft mom or dad will be doing most of the actual crafting. Your kid will be more of an ideas person for this one. 

After reading Guess How Much I Love You together, you and your child can go back and forth saying how much YOU love each other. And writing it down in your book. 

This craft also makes a fun Mother’s Day or Father’s Day card if you want to help your child create one for your partner. 

easy children's book craft

10. If I Built a House STEM Activity Craft

This might be the least objectively beautiful kids book craft on the list. But it’s also the one that allows the most creativity. 

It’s definitely fun. And an art project kids can really get into. You can start by reading If I Built a House, a book about a child imagining the house he would build if he was building his dream house. 

Then let your kids get to work building the house of their dreams. Out of cardboard boxes from all those Amazon deliveries you’ve had lately. Or shoe boxes or whatever you have on hand. It can be as colorful and imaginative as your kids want to make it. Let’s hope they get creative. 

Children's Book Crafts

11. A Pet for Pete (the Cat) Craft

This is another craft based on a Pete the Cat book. But this craft doesn’t actually feature Pete. This time your kids get to make A Pet for Pete. Which as it turns out, is a fish. 

Paper plate crafts are always fun. And this is a nice, simple craft that turns into something really cute. Even younger kids can do most of the work on this one by themselves. Possibly, except for some cutting. And they get their very own fishbowl (no actual fish required). The perfect pet, in my opinion. 

crafts based on children's books

12. The Nonsense Show Two-Headed Snake Craft

There is a reason kids love Eric Carle books. The gorgeous illustrations, and simple but fun stories are a hit with kids every time. Everyone knows his most famous book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. But have your kids had a chance to read The Nonsense Show

The Nonsense Show is an imaginative book about the bending of reality and the use of nonsense to spark kids’ creativity. It’s the perfect book for inspiring kids’ crafts!

This two headed snake craft is extremely clever. It’s actually really an easy craft. But it turns out very cool looking. And is fun for kids to make. 

After making the snake, ask your kids what other crazy creatures from the story they might like to try and make. 

book themed crafts for kids

13. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose Book Craft for Kids

The Old Lady is back and swallowing things again in a fun Valentine’s themed book for kids. The rose craft inspired by the book is really quite beautiful. And a perfect craft for not only Valentine’s Day but for Mother’s Day! 

If your kids might like to make a paper plate flower for mom or grandma on Mother’s Day, this children’s book inspired craft is perfect. 

In There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose the Old Gal is swallowing things to make something special for her sweetheart. So the spirit of giving is in the book. (Let your kids know you would prefer the paper plate rose to anything they’ve swallowed and spit back up, and you should be good). 

crafts for kids based on books

14. The Gingerbread Man Suncatcher

Run, run, run as fast as you can to the craft table with your kids to make their own gingerbread man! This is an easy craft. Perfect for younger kids to make. And something they can do most of the work on themselves. 

And suncatchers are such a fun craft for kids! They are always enjoyable to hang up and have everyone admire. 

The Gingerbread Man story is an old classic that really holds up well. It’s a classic for a reason. Kids have always loved the story of the fast little gingerbread man. And they’ll have fun bringing him to life with this book themed craft for kids. 


15. DIY Harry Potter Wands

I wanted to find a kids’ book craft that would be fun for older grade school kids up through tweens. So, I was excited to come across these Harry Potter Wand craft!

Are your kids ready for Harry Potter? Or have they already started reading the books? Show them this craft so they can make their own DIY Harry Potter Wands. 

These end up looking really cool. And the best part is if you read the instructions, they actually aren’t that hard to make. 

Older kids can certainly do most of it themselves. But you may want to assist with the hot glue gun. As an adult, I can never use one without burning myself. So, I always think of them as something that needs supervision. 

Once the wand is complete, it makes a fun addition to any wizard or witch costume. 

Dr. Suess Crafts for Kids Inspired by Books

Dr. Suess crafts are so popular, I had to give them their own section! If your kids love Dr. Suess books, they’ll love these crafts inspired by their favorite stories!

Dr. Suess crafts for kids

16. Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat Craft

A DIY Cat in the Hat craft where you can make your own hat! How fun is that? This book craft can be used for everything from craft time, to Dr. Suess themed parties to dress up!

The craft itself is easy and fun. And I love the hats! So cute, and something kids can really have fun with.

Dr. Suess crafts for kids

17. Horton Hears a Who Printable Puppet Craft

Good old Horton protecting his Who friends in Who-ville! What a fun story. And a great book to inspire a Dr. Suess book craft! 

This craft uses a free printable template to make your own Horton puppet. It’s super cute. And perfect for kids to put on a puppet show. Or just enjoy playing with. Maybe Horton can become friends with your kids’ Pete the Cat puppet from earlier in this post. 

children's book related crafts and activities

18. Dr. Suess Craft from The Lorax

The Lorax is one of Dr. Suess’s most memorable books. With a message that really hits home about the destruction of the environment. The Lorax is a great book to read with your kids. And you can follow that up with this fun toilet paper roll Lorax craft. 

Use the template to print out the Lorax’s distinctive features. Then kids can cover their toilet paper tube with orange construction paper. And cut out and glue on the Lorax’s face and arms and legs. 

You can also paint the toilet roll if you don’t have the orange paper. But then wait for it to dry before attaching the Lorax features. 

And check out the next craft to make Truffala Trees for the Lorax to protect!

Suess Day Craft for Kids

19. Dr. Suess Truffala Tree Craft for Kids

If you remember The Lorax, you might remember that he “speaks for the trees”. The truffala trees specifically. 

If your kids decide to make the toilet paper roll Lorax above, they will also want to make these truffala trees to go with him!

This is a super easy book craft to go along with one of my favorite Dr. Suess books. 

dr. suess activity for kids

20. One Fish, Two Fish Jello Bowl Craft

Celebrate Dr. Suess with a kids activity that is not only a craft, it’s also a sweet treat! These One Fish, Two Fish jello bowls are adorable and delicious!

This is a recipe kids can help make during craft time (allowing time for the Jello to set). And then come back later to enjoy. It’s a lot of candy/sugar so plan it for a day your kids can run off the sugar rush after snack time!

Dr Suess childrens book craft for kids

21. Dr. Suess’s Sleep Book Craft

For an easy children’s book craft, look no further! This paper plate craft is simple to make and kids can do most of the work themselves.

So, I actually had never heard of Dr. Suess’s Sleep Book before I came across this craft. After checking out the book I can say it is very much in the Suessian style. And if you’re a Dr. Suess fan this is a fun book to add to your collection. 

Book Inspired Crafts for Kids

Whether you’re looking for crafts for Children’s Book Week or Dr. Suess’s Birthday, or you just need ideas for kids crafts at home, there is something for you on this list!

We want to raise readers, right? Kids who love and appreciate books. Reading together with our kids is one of the best ways to inspire a love of books. And children’s books art projects help that love grow even more!

Books become even more magical for kids when they can make something from the story. Let books spark your kids’ creativity and imagination by creating crafts inspired by their favorite stories. Have fun with these children’s book themed crafts for kids!

Children’s Book Themed Crafts & Activities for Kids



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