Kids with food allergies learn from this book

A Book for Kids with Food Allergies: Aidan the Wonder Kid

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A Children’s Book for Kids with Food Allergies

Food allergies can be a tough concept for kids. If you’re a parent of a young child with food allergies, you know all about the worry and fear that comes with that diagnosis. And also the struggle of explaining to your child why they can’t eat certain foods that other kids can. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a book for kids with food allergies? Enter Aidan the Wonder Kid: A Food Allergy & Intolerance Story.

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If you have a child with food allergies, or if you know one, and want to talk to your kids about it, Aidan the Wonder Kid is a great place to begin.

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As a parent of a child with food allergies, I was excited to have the opportunity to read Aidan the Wonder Kid with my children.

Children’s books for kids with food allergies are something you pretty much have to go looking for. It’s not going to come up in the majority of books. There are some great ones out there. And they are worth seeking out. But when you’re looking at Amazon for kid food allergy books it’s hard to know which ones to choose.

I like to look first at customer reviews for books. Here is what I found for top-rated kid food allergy books with the highest average customer reviews. And you’ll notice Aidan the Wonder Kid is right up there near the top.

So, let’s talk about the book!

Book for kids with food allergies

Why Your Child with Food Allergies will Love this Book

We all want to see ourselves in our favorite characters, right? Especially as a kid. Do your kids ever spend time pretending to be their favorite characters from books and TV shows? Mine do it all the time! So, how cool is it to read a book about an awesome character who has the same food allergy issues as you?

And I’ll be honest, I have struggled to explain food allergies to my daughter. Kids want to know, right? Why can’t I eat that when all the other kids can? Why don’t I get to eat birthday cake at the party? Or eat the shared snack at preschool?

For younger kids, these limitations are super frustrating and upsetting. Aidan the Wonder Kid helps break it all down for them in a way even a preschooler or young school age kid can understand.

How Aidan’s Food Allergies Can Help You Talk to Your Child About Theirs

Aidan is a kid that all children can relate too. He’s active, adventurous and fun. And sometimes he gets sick from the foods he eats. Big fat bummer. And one kids with food allergies will totally relate to.

Luckily Aidan’s mom and his doctor were able to identify the foods that were making him sick. So he can stop eating them and get back to his adventures. Which is something all food allergy moms want for their kids!

Near the end of the book, we find out how Aidan learned to eat exactly what his body needs to keep his superpowers going strong. And how he learned not to feel sad about it. Because that’s what keeps him healthy and able to be out there having fun.

Plus, one of my favorite pages in this book talks about how Aidan met more kids with special dietary needs. Some were kids with food allergies like Aidan’s. Others who simply feel their best when they don’t eat a ton of junk food. Because all kids are at the super-power best when they eat healthy food.

Children's Book About Food AllergiesUsing Aidan the Wonder Kid’s Food Allergies to Teach All Kids (and Parents) About Special Food Needs

I was super excited to read this book with both of my kids. The one with food allergies AND the one without.

There really can’t be enough lessons in childhood (and in life!) about treating differences in people with kindness and respect. And as part of the normal spectrum of humanity.

Both of my kids need to know about food allergies to help keep all kids safe. Adults need to be aware of kids with food allergies too.

Keeping kids with food allergies safe from food that makes them sick, but also safe from bullying from other kids, or accidental exposure by kids or adults unaware of their issues is something parents of kids with food allergies worry about constantly. (I can say this from experience!)

Aidan the Wonder Kid is a great book for teaching ALL kids about food allergies and intolerances. So that they can learn something about other kids.

Most kids probably know someone at school or have a friend who can’t eat everything they can eat.

Help them understand what’s going on with that. And maybe even learn how to help keep their friends safe at school and at play dates.

And Adults Can Learn About Food Allergy Kids Needs Too!

I also hope adults become more aware of how they can help kids with food allergies and intolerances by reading this book and others like it with their kids.

Well meaning adults passing out cookies at the grocery store to every kid without asking a parent first, or cake at the birthday party even after they were told “no” by an allergy mom because they’re sure “a little bit won’t matter” I am so talking to you right now.

This is serious stuff. And we food allergy moms would be so grateful if everyone would try to get on board to keep kids with food allergies safe as they navigate the world around them.

With that in mind, check out the website for Aidan the Wonder Kid Who Could Not Be Stopped. The author, Colleen Brunetti, offers virtual and in-person visits to talk about food allergies and intolerances at schools and libraries and other community spaces.

She also offers a downloadable classroom guide for the book here for teachers or school librarians (or anyone else who can use it). So check that out! And consider talking to your child’s school about how they might be able to use Aidan the Wonder Kid Who Could Not be Stopped at their school.

A Food Allergy Book for Kids to Learn & Love

So, the nitty gritty of this book review: this book was a winner. My kids liked it, the one with food allergies and the one without.

I love, love, love how positive it is. Aidan is an active, fun kid who children reading the book will like and identify with.

And once his food allergies are identified by his mom and doctor, they learn to deal with it. We all know it can be hard, especially at first, to learn to eat safely with food allergies in the family.

But this book makes it sound doable for kids. And simple. And important. The tone is just right. And matches what worked for us.

I want to tell my daughter, “You know, you have this food that makes you sick, and it’s a bummer. BUT without that food, you feel great! And you’re a wonder kid who can not be stopped.” Check out the book here!

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