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25 Best Camping Games for Kids

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Kids’ Camping Games Your Family Will Love

These camping games for kids are an amazing way to add some extra fun to your family campout! Camping is already tons of fun. Hiking, swimming, telling stories around the campfire. These are special moments of family togetherness and bonding. Add in some of these camping games and activities and you’ve got a trip your kids will never forget! Check them all out below!

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Maybe you’re thinking isn’t the fun of camping all the entertainment we need? And sometimes that might be the case. But many times when you finish all your hiking, biking, and outdoor adventuring for the day there is still some time for family fun at the campsite.

And camping games are a great way to keep kids busy while you set up camp, cook dinner, or do other chores around the campsite.

And don’t forget to pack a few of the rainy day camping games in case the weather isn’t quite what you hoped for.

There are tons of ideas here from printable scavenger hunts to charades, to glow in dark water bottle bowling. Every family will be able to find something here they’ll love to play. So, take a look and choose the best camping games for your family’s trip!

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Nature Camping Games & Activities


1. Creepy-Crawly & Bug Scavenger Hunt

If your kids love searching for bugs and worms, and all the creepy-crawlies you can find at the campground this is the scavenger hunt for them!

This free printable is an easy kids camping game you can print at home and bring along. It’s fun for kids to take on the hiking trail or play around the campground searching for bugs & creatures.

And you might want to bring a critter jar for collecting any favorite specimens your kids find on the hunt!


2. Go Find It Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt for Families

Go Find It is a camping game that the whole family can enjoy. A really unique scavenger hunt that helps kids explore nature with all their senses.

There are a couple of reasons Go Find It makes such a good camping game:

  1. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, so easy to bring along.
  2. The whole family can play. It’s fun for preschoolers, big kids, and adults too.
  3. Almost any number of people can play, big groups, small groups, whatever you have.
  4. The game can be as long or short of a game as your kids need it to be.
  5. It’s genuinely fun and easy to play.

Go Find It is the perfect outdoor game for your next family camping trip!

Camping Activities for Kids

3. Nature Scavenger Hunt Printables for ABCs, Colors, 5 Senses, & Traditional

These four printable nature themed scavenger hunts are perfect for kids to take exploring on a camping trip.

You can use different hunts on different days or different hikes or just when the kids want to explore the campground.

I like the variety of scavenger hunts among the four. And how they help kids be mindful of what’s around them in nature by having them look for different things.

The traditional scavenger hunt is a good one for younger kids because it uses pictures instead of words. So even little ones who aren’t yet readers will know what they are looking for.


4. Journey Stick Nature Craft for Kids

This is probably more of a camping activity than a game. But it is entertaining and fun for kids. And you can certainly turn it into a game. (A craft game- sounds fun, right?!)

Take a walk or hike while on your camping trip and ask your kids to collect items they find (be clear about collecting only things that have fallen to the ground or are safe to grab. This isn’t meant to destroy nature but to appreciate it!).

At the end of the walk you can help your kids create a journey stick with the items they collected on the hike.

You can add a scavenger hunt element, asking kids to look for specific things. Or have a theme, for example, flowers or leaves. And ask kids to look for those things only. There are lots of ways to make this fun.

If a journey stick isn’t quite your speed bring some paper and glue or tape on your camping trip and make nature collages with your kids’ treasures.

The collecting and the crafting are all part of the fun!

Camping Game printable

5. Nature Hunt Bingo

The fun thing about nature hunts is that they help kids learn to really SEE all the things that can be found outside. And a camping trip is to perfect time to let your kids explore.

This nature hunt bingo is fun for kids at any age. Whether you take the kids on a hike or have them search near your camp site while you’re setting up camp, all they need is this printable and pen.

Five in a row to win nature hunt bingo! Print yours before your next camping trip!

Family Camping Games Kids Love


6. Free Printable Camping Charades & Pictionary Games

Everybody loves charades, right? And Pictionary too! Well, check out these two printable versions that are camping themed!

Charades makes a really fun camping game at night when everybody is relaxing back at camp after a busy day outdoors.

It’s easy to pack. Just print it out before you go and cut out the words. And you don’t need anything else to play. Plus you can play with as many people as you want (or as few).

Pictionary is similarly simple and fun. And the camping theme makes a fun twist on the game. You do need a wipe off board and pens. Or paper and pens. Something to draw with, basically.

Both games can be played with groups big or small. And make a fun family game for camping.


7. Toasted or Roasted Family Card Game

Kids love this game! And it’s fun for adults to join the kiddos and play as well. The goal of the game is to roast three marshmallows before any of the other players.

But other players and elements of the game will interfere with your marshmallow roasting. Which leads to laughter and fun for everyone.

This game is a really fun one for kids. and easy to learn. I do not see a recommended age on the game. But according to enthusiastic reviewers, kids as young as 4 are able to play. And the whole family can get in on the fun.

(Note, it’s a four player game. So if you have more than that in your family or group you will need to take turns or purchase two sets of the game to expand the number of players.)

Grab Toasted or Roasted here before your next camping trip!


8. Getting to Know Your Campground Scavenger Hunt

I realize there are a lot of printables on this list. But they are so great for camping because they don’t take up any space! And they are easy and often free like this one! This is a getting to know your campground scavenger hunt.

This is a really fun and useful idea for your first day of a camping trip. Make a family game of exploring the campground. Find the bathroom, the picnic table, where you take the trash, etc.

It’s all good information to have for your kids and you. And this is a fun way to collect it.

There is also a second family campground scavenger hunt where your family can search the campground for fun items like a red-checkered table cloth, a spotted dog, a cowboy hat and more. It’s a fun game and gives kids a chance to check out and observe what’s around them.


9. Eye Spy with Binoculars

For my kids, Eye Spy (with my little eye) is a game that never gets old. We play it on walks, in the car, on shopping trips, and definitely on camping trips.

The binoculars are not a must-have but they certainly can make the game more interesting.

Kids can “spy” things in the trees or far away. Birds, animals, insects, stuff in other campsites, etc.

Give each child a territory to search for things. Pull out one of the printable scavenger hunts and see what they can see in their area.

And the binoculars are also fun to take on hikes, bird watching expeditions and more. You won’t be sorry you brought them on your family campout.

Outdoor Games to Take Camping

outdoor game for camping

10. Log Bowling DIY Outdoor Game

Log bowling is a super fun yard game that is a blast to bring on family camping trips! It’s a little heavy but packs up nicely in a Rubbermaid Tote for easy loading.

This is a really fun camping game for tweens and teens. And adults as well as large groups.

I’ve linked to the DIY version of the game but you can also play with a store bought Molkky set.


11. Cornhole Outdoor Game

Cornhole is a super popular game for camping. It’s easy to set up and play. And a fun way to hang out and have fun outdoors with friends and family.

It’s also a popular game for a broad range of age groups. School age kids, tweens, teens, and adults can all get in on the fun.

When you buy a cornhole set to take camping (or just in general) quality does matter. I get that you want the most bang for your buck. But some of the collapsible sets or travel sets aren’t sturdy enough to even play the game.

This is most often the case when the cornhole board is made out of fabric. Those tend to not last long.

Try to find a middle ground between cost and quality. To make sure you’re game will stand up to having bean bags thrown at it for years of family camping trips.


12. DIY Outdoor Tic Tac Toe

What could simpler than a game of Tic Tac Toe? And this DIY version with rocks and wood has a real camping feel to it.

A nice relaxing game to play while hanging out at camp. Good for all age groups. And a fun project to make before you leave for camping.


13. Flarts Outdoor Game for Families

Flarts are kid-friendly lawn darts perfect for your family camping trip. Basically they are inflatable lawn darts.

Lawn darts are a popular outdoor game for kids from little ones to big ones. And adults. And who doesn’t at least smile when they say the word “Flarts”?

Have some family fun on your next camping trip with Flarts.


14. DIY Lawn Dice

There are so many fun games you can play with yard dice. But my personal favorite is Yardzee. You follow all the rules of classic Yahtzee but your dice are giant lawn dice.

There is something just plain entertaining about rolling a giant set of dice. Try it and you’ll see!

I’ve linked to a DIY version of lawn dice above so you can make your own set. But if you’re not a DIY-er you can also buy a set of yard dice on Amazon here.


15. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is one of my all-time favorite outdoor games. It’s a little heavy but comes in a small carrying case. So it isn’t hard to pack for a camping trip.

Bocce ball is easy to learn and a fun game for older kids, tweens, teens, and adults. (Keep in mind the balls are too heavy to be safe for little kids to throw).

All you need to play is a Bocce ball set and a stretch of grass.


16. Glow in the Dark Plastic Water Bottle Bowling

Glow in the dark plastic water bottle bowling is one of the coolest DIY outdoor games I’ve ever come across. And it makes a great night camping game for kids.

It’s DIY without being overly complicated. And a good project for your kids to put together and set up before the game.

Save your empty water bottles, grab some glow sticks, a pitcher of water, and a ball for this game.

It’s cosmic bowling do-it-yourself style and a great way to have some family fun after dark on your next camping trip.


17. 3 Hole Washers Game

When I went looking for camping game ideas this one was completely new to me. It has a lot of similar elements and rules you’ll recognize from other yard games.

It kind of reminds me of corn hole crossed with skee ball. This post is for making a DIY set of boards for this game. So, if you have some wood working skills you can probably do this.

If not, you can buy the three hole washer game on Etsy here. It’d s little expensive. But it looks like fun. And the set will likely last for years.

Active Camping Games for Kids


18. DIY Sidewalk Chalk Twister Outdoor Game

I absolutely love this idea! It’s Twister! But a DIY version of the game using sidewalk chalk.

Before you leave for your camping trip figure out what you will be using for the spinner. This post shows how to make a DIY one. So, give it a quick read and see how you can adapt it to make one with the supplies you have on hand.

Then pack up your sidewalk chalk and you’re good to go! If you’re staying in a campground with a concrete pad at your site that’s a great spot for your sidewalk chalk Twister board if you have room.

I have also seen this game done with spray paint on grass. But I’m thinking many campgrounds would frown on that (for good reason). If you don’t have a place for chalk, consider just bringing your Twister game from home!

You can always use tent stakes or put rocks on the corners of the board to hold it down if it’s windy.


19. Water Balloon Games

Water balloons are a really fun thing to bring on camping trips. Kids love them, especially when it’s hot. And there are multiple ways to play with them and have fun as a family.

A water balloon fight is a favorite for lots of kids. And it works great with groups of kids who are about the same age. And get along in a way where no one is likely to get ganged up on or pasted in the face.

For the kids in need of a water balloon activity less likely to lead to fights, a water balloon toss can be fun. Have kids line up in pairs (adults too) and take a step back after every successful toss until there is only one team left standing with an unpopped balloon.

Other fun ideas include water balloon baseball, hot potato, water balloon rely races, target practice and more.

Throw out a few ideas. But don’t be afraid to let your kids get creative and come up with their own water balloon games.


20. Giants, Wizards & Elves Outdoor Game for Kids

I’m so excited about this game! Giants, Wizards & Elves is like a large scale version of Rock, Paper, Scissors that gets kids moving and playing outside.

It’s a great camping game for families and large groups because you don’t need anything to play except a large group of people.

Check out the post for a complete rundown of the rules (which are super simple). But basically you make teams and choose what you’re going to be (Giant, Wizard or Elf).

Winning teams try to capture losing team players and bring them back to their team. The game lasts until everyone is on the same team.

It’s a ton of fun for kids on up through adults. And a fantastic game for camping trips with a big group.


21. Badminton

A travel badminton set make a fun camping game for kids and families. This travel net is foldable with no stakes or tools needed.

You will need raquets and a birdie. And a patch of grass or dirt to play on. But that’s usually not too hard to find on most camping trips.

Adults, teens and older kids can play badminton as seriously as they care to. Younger kids can enjoy taking whacks at the birdie and learning to play the game.


22. Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course

If you’re staying in a campground with a paved area, sidewalk chalk is a must-have for kids camping entertainment.

In addition to the DIY Twister game I described earlier, this sidewalk chalk obstacle course is a super fun idea for a kids camping game. And all you need is sidewalk chalk.

And since you’re bringing sidewalk chalk on your trip anyway, don’t forget to check out these other unique sidewalk chalk ideas for kids!

Rainy Day Camping Activities for Kids


23. Spot It Camping

The original Spot It game is one of my family’s favorite games to take on vacation. Because it’s small, easy to pack, and easy to play. Best of all, it’s fun for family members of all ages.

And now there is Spot It Camping! The game we love with a fun camping theme! I’m super excited to take this on our next camping trip.

My family has had fun with Spot It games that included preschoolers on up through grandparents. It’s one of the best family games I’ve ever played.

And a perfect rainy day camping game if you find yourselves huddled under a tarp or in a tent or trailer needing something fun to do.

Rainy day camping game for kids

24. Count & Color Camping Activity Printable

There are many printable camping games for kids out there if you search Pinterest or Etsy. I happen to like this count and color printable camping game because it’s free. And it can be adapted for different age kids.

It’s also educational without being heavy-handed about it. Especially for preschool age kids who can practice counting and identifying colors.

Having a printable activity like this packed for your camping trip is a good idea in case of bad weather. Or even if you just need to keep the kids busy for a few minutes so you can set up camp. Or cook. Or pack up.

Grab your camping printable before your next trip!

rainy day camping game for kids

25. Spoons Card Game

Card games are one of the best ways to pass the time on a camping trip that has been derailed by bad weather. Cards are small, easy to pack and there is a ton of games you can play with them.

My personal favorite camping card game is Spoons. If you’ve never played Spoons, it’s a simple but hilarious game that is fun for people of all ages.

Here is a good post with the rules for Spoons. But essentially Spoons is sort of like musical chairs with cards.

Every player starts with four cards in their hand. Then cards are pulled from the deck by the dealer and passed left as they discard them (you keep just four cards in your hand at a time).

When you get four of a kind you grab a spoon. Once the first spoon has been taken by someone with four of a kind, anyone can grab a spoon.

There is one less spoon than there is people. So, the person left without a spoon loses the round. When the spoons start getting snatched up a hilarious free-for-all is almost inevitable.

It’s also fun when the first person is sneaky and gets a spoon without being noticed. Then you can see how much people are paying attention. And how long it takes before others realize it’s time to grab a spoon.

When camping, you most likely have spoons with you, plastic or otherwise for eating. So grab your deck of cards and some spoons. And give this hilarious family game a try.

Cool Camping Games for Kids

Camping is one of the best ways to make memories and have adventures with your kids. Between hikes, bikes, swimming, boating, campfires, and everything else that comes with a family camping trip it’s a an awesome way to have a fun family vacation.

Camping is a blast all by itself but sometimes you want some extra entertainment to up the fun. And camping games are the perfect way to do that.

These camping games for kids offer a variety of ways to have fun on your family camping trip. With family games, nature activities, and other kid-friendly fun.

Most of these games can be played with kids of different ages. So, if you’re camping with tweens and teens or preschoolers and gradeschoolers there will be something everyone can play.

Pick your favorites and be sure to bring these camping games for kids on your next camp out.

Outdoor Camping Games for Kids

activities for kids camping

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