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Organizing Toys & Teaching Kids to Clean Up with Toy Bin Labels

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Using Toy Bin Labels to Organize Kids Toys

Do you struggle with keeping your kids toys organized and cleaned up? You and every other mom, right? Toys get everywhere! And all the little pieces! Where do they come from? When you have young kids it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the mess of toys. But it is possible to keep toys organized and your home clean. AND to teach your kids how to help you keep it that way. Toy bin labels can help. 

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How to Organize Kids Toys

Years ago, back when I had only one kid, I thought we had a lot of toys. I bought two little baskets to store toys in on our living room shelf.

A few short years and a second child later, these baskets were overflowing with plastic dinosaurs, farm animals, and various Disney figurines.

If you’re a mom of young children I’m sure you can relate. We’ve long passed the point of two small baskets being sufficient to keep my kids’ toys organized. Not to mention the older my kids get the more tiny pieces that seem to come along with every toy.

The best solution we’ve found for organizing toys is separating them into stackable bins that fit on the bookshelves in our living area. These are the bins I use for toys

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The problem is the kids mixing up toys between bins, or us finding an empty bin and not knowing what is supposed to go in it or where the missing toys might be (Hint: check under my daughter’s bed!).

The solution I’ve found is PeeWee Peels. If you’re looking for an easy way to help keep your kids’ toys organized AND teach your kids to clean up after themselves, PeeWee Peels are for you!

PeeWee Peels are toy bin labels perfectly designed to help busy moms teach their kids to keep toys organized and put away!

If you’re looking for a better way to organize and store kids’ toys, PeeWee Peels are just what you need. Learn how you can use these labels to teach your kids to clean up their own toys – even your toddler – and keep toys organized. 

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The Problems with Most Toy Storage

When it comes to storage that is organized and looks tidy, kids’ toys offer a number of challenges. They often involve multiple small pieces that are part of a set. And kids like to mix and match everything. Like putting their My Little Ponies with their Melissa and Doug Farm Animals. So everything ends up in a big jumbled mess.

When it’s time to put toys away, one of the biggest issues is if you don’t want the entire effort to come from mom or dad, then you have to make it simple enough for your kids to do on their own.

Organize toys with toy bin labels

How PeeWee Peels Can Help Keep Toys Organized

You’ve probably at least looked at some toy storage options that involve bins or tubs if not already implemented them at your home.

We bought these inexpensive plastic bins for toys at a local store. I chose them because they have lids and can be stacked, which works best for our space.

And they store nicely in a closet when I want to rotate toys in and out to keep things fresh. You may have a different setup, but in most cases bins are useful.

Purging, storing and rotating toys is the only way I’ve found to keep my kids’ bedrooms and play area organized. 

(If you’re struggling with organization and storage solutions at home I encourage you to check out The Organized Home. This course helped me figure out how to organize all the things in a way that works for my family.)

Organized Home

Bins or tubs are useful for separating toys into logical categories like tea sets, Barbies, Matchbox cars, pretend food, etc. If you can convince your kids to keep the toys organized this way, that’s even better.

It limits the amount of time you spend digging through a toy box or mixed tub for a tiny two-inch dinosaur your child HAS TO HAVE RIGHT NOW!!!!

PeeWee Peels make all of this toy sorting easier. Putting the PeeWee Peel labels on your toy bins makes it easy for you AND your child to know which toys can be found in which bins.

This also helps speed up cleanup. The labeled bins create order on your shelves and also add a fun splash of color. PeeWee Peels look great in a kid’s bedroom, daycare, or playroom.

How Organizing Toys with Labels Can Teach Kids to Clean Up

I do not like picking up my kids’ toys. Which is a bummer because it feels like it takes up a good chunk of my day some days.

And even beyond my annoyance with their ability to turn a clean room into a toy tornado in under a minute, I want my kids to learn to clean up after themselves.

Not just for my sake, although that’s part of it. But because learning to clean up your own messes, be organized, and take care of your things are valuable life skills.

PeeWee Peels helps kids learn these skills. The toy labels have helped my kids know which toys go in which bin. Even my two-year-old can look at a label with a car on it and know what goes in that bin.

PeeWee Peels can help your kids learn to find their toys and to clean them up independently. A great lesson for them and a timesaver for you.

A Few More Things About Organizing Toys with PeeWee Peels

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your PeeWee Peels Toy Bin Labels.

  • PeeWee Peels come with specific instructions for application. Follow them to keep the peels in their best condition.  
  • Save your paper backing! PeeWee Peels are reusable! If you want to pass them on to a friend when your kids outgrow specific toys, or you change the type of bins you’re using, you can re-use the same PeeWee Peels. 
  • You can clean PeeWee Peels with a DRY soft cloth. Cleaning with water or liquid cleaners will ruin them. 
  • PeeWee Peels come in multiple sizes. They are sized to fit IKEA storage bins. But they also fit these bins I use pretty well, if not quite as smoothly as they fit on the IKEA bins. If you want to use the toy bins I use or some you already own, check the PeeWee Peel sizing when you order to get the best fit. 
  • PeeWee Peels can be custom ordered in different colors or with special text. Message the Etsy store owner to discuss your specific requests.

Check out PeeWee Peels to start getting your kids’ toys organized & teach them how to clean up their own toys!

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How to Organize Toys with PeeWee Peels

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  1. This is perfect! I have been looking for something like this to organize my daughter’s toys. We recently made a play room for her so this is great to keep everything organized.

  2. These labels would help everyone here. Even if momma knew where everything was supposed to go. The kids can be trained on where it goes. Daddy would always forget so he would benefit most.

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