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Creepy-Crawly & Bug Hunt for Kids {with Free Printable}

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Bug Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Have you ever wanted to say “we’re going on a bug hunt!” to your kids? Do your kids love bugs and other creepy-crawlies? Then this printable outdoor scavenger hunt is sure to be a hit! Send your kids out hunting for 15 different bugs and other creepy-crawlies (think worms, slugs, etc) to see how many they can find! Grab yours and let the hunt begin!

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Printable Bug Hunt Kids Game

Letting kids explore outside can be a real revelation. Kids are amazing at noticing nature. Especially when it comes to spotting slugs, and bugs, and other slimy scary critters. And this printable insect hunt makes finding those fascinating little creatures into a game!

Spending time outside is good for kids on so many levels. It’s physical, active, educational and fun. And exploring and observing bugs and other small creatures is life science in the real world.

My kids love collecting bugs and worms and caterpillars. And it’s something I absolutely encourage. From a safe distance of several feet away (at least with scary looking ones).

This scavenger hunt is a fun way to help kids explore their interest in bugs, slugs, and other small creepy-crawlies. And if your kids like to collect the bugs and creatures they come across, I can highly recommend this Bug Catcher Critter Barn.


I bought it after the pickle jar we were using to collect bugs got dropped and shattered all over the place (not fun!). The critter barn is cheap and has proved to be surprisingly durable.

Combine it with this (adorable & cheap!) magnifying glass and your kids will be bug hunting enthusiasts like never before!

How to Use Your Bug Scavenger Hunt Printable

Before the creepy-crawly and bug hunt begins grab your free printable in my resource library here. And print out as many copies as you have kids ready to hunt.

The scavenger hunt prints out on regular 8.5 x 11 printer paper. You can print in color (which is the cutest) but black and white is fine too if you want to spare your ink cartridge.

Give each of your kids a copy of the insect scavenger hunt (or they can work as a team) and send them out on the hunt for all 15 bugs and creepy-crawlies.

The bug scavenger hunt list has words and pictures. So, older kids can read the list and younger kids can look at the pictures. This a good bug hunt for preschoolers on up through school age because it uses images and words.

As I mentioned earlier your kids may want to collect their bugs and worms and creatures as they find them. In that case grab a jar or a critter container of some sort (possibly a couple) before you start the hunt.

But if you’d rather your kids not come to you with hands full of creepy-crawlies (or your child is squeamish) they can just check creatures the find off the list without catching them. It’s fun either way!

And don’t forget to take this bug hunt with you on the road! Outdoor scavenger hunts are fun in the backyard. But this bug hunt is also a blast to take on camping trips, hikes, or even neighborhood walks! Print out and take it with you anytime you need a fun outdoor activity for kids.

Download the Free Creepy-Crawly & Bug Hunt Printable

Insect scavenger hunt for kids

To download the free bug scavenger hunt simply click on the image above. You’ll be taken to my free resource library where you can download as many copies as you need.

Once you have your printables in hand, pass them out to your kids and let the bug hunt begin!

While you’re in the resource library, don’t forget to check out the other fun kids activities and printable for moms.

Use the form below to access the free outdoor scavenger hunt and all of the other freebies in my resource library for moms (like this printable Backyard Scavenger Hunt)!

And don’t forget to come back because new stuff gets added to the resource library all the time.

Nature Scavenger Hunt for Bugs!

Let your kids explore all the wonderful creepy-crawly creatures that can be found outside! Take the kids on a bug hunt! This free printable creepy-crawly and bug scavenger hunt for kids is a fun outdoor activity idea for kids of all ages.

Take your kids on a bug hunting adventure! And see all the fun things they can find.

Bug Scavenger Hunt Printable Outdoor Activity for Kids

bug hunt for preschool

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