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11 Best Kids Art Easels for Creative Fun

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Top Picks for Children’s Art Easels

Your kids love art, right? Drawing, painting, writing, and creating, are great ways for kids to express themselves and explore art. But maybe you’re a little tired of cleaning their art off of your kitchen table, or your wall, or floors. What you need is an easel for your kids’ art! And wouldn’t your child love to have their own easel to make them feel like a real artist? Find your child the best kids’ art easel from this list of the top choices!

(This list of easels is for kids in preschool through grade school and tween years. If you’re looking for an easel specifically for a younger child you’ll want to check out this list of the best easels for toddlers!)

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The 11 Best Easels for Kids

As you browse this list of the best kids’ art easels, consider the features that are best suited for your child and your space at home. All of these easels are great for creative fun. But they all have different features that make them better for one child over another. Choose the one that’s right for your child and family from the list below!

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US Art Supply Cardiff Children’s Art Easel

At the top of my list of the best easels for kids is this wooden easel from US Art Supply. A couple of things I like about this easel. First, it’s tall. It’s height adjustable like many of the easels on my list. But the upper reaches of its height are higher than most other kids’ easels.

So, if you’re looking for a high quality children’s easel that will last for several years (and growth spurts), this is the one you need.

The easel itself looks grownup. Which is great for kids beyond the preschool years who want something older looking. And it’s versatile. With a chalkboard, dry erase board and paper roll.

Many of the usual popular easel features are included, paint cups, shelf trays, storage bins, and a paper roll. Plus a sturdy construction and height suitable for grade school kids, this easel is a top choice for best kids’ art easel.

And US Art Supply guarantees their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


360 Degree Rotating Kids Art Easel Whiteboard & Chalkboard

This is one of the coolest easels for kids both in looks and in the accessories it comes with! Like many kids’ easels it’s double sided. But instead of an A-frame where you walk around to the other side, with this easel, it flips around! (Your kid will think that is cool!).

With the 360 rotation, this easel can be adjusted to any angle your child prefers, including being used as kid’s desk by rotating it flat! (I love this feature!). And it’s height adjustable to fit your child.

In addition to the cool 360 rotation, this easel comes with a long list of useful accessories to make your child’s art explorations more fun.

Here is a list of included accessories:
1 storage box
60 piece magnetic letters and math set
1 box of chalk
1 eraser
1 ruler
3 magnetic buckles
4 anti-slip buckles

And, to make this easel a little more fun, in addition to the black pictured above, check out this easel in pink!


Crayola Kids Wooden Easel, Dry Erase Board, & Chalkboard

This is a great art easel for kids. And there are a couple of different reasons it’s near the top of my list. This kids art easel is two-sided. Both with unique uses and features.

The dry erase board can be used with dry erase pens. And it’s magnetic. So, your child can enjoy playing with magnets on the board. Which my kids have a surprising amount of fun with.

The second side of the easel is a chalkboard. Perfect for drawing with chalk, playing school. Or just getting creative with.

There is also a paper roll with this easel and clips to hold the paper in place while your child creates masterpieces. And a paint storage try for art supplies.

In addition to all these great features, this easel is height adjustable. And can grow with your child from about age 4 to 7.

All of this and the easel is available at a great price point compared to similar products. A great deal for the money.


US Art Supply 3-in-1 Tabletop Easel for Kids

If you love the idea of an easel for your kids but don’t have a lot of space, a tabletop easel is a perfect choice. And this one looks like a solid bet.

One side of this easel has a chalkboard with a chalk storage tray. And the second side is a dry erase board with a place for markers. Plus the easel has a paper roll and feeder. And comes with a whole roll of paper.

This is one of the few tabletop easels for kids I came across that were made of wood. And it looks like it will stand up to a lot of use and years.

A sturdy and fun easel for small spaces at a really good price. With a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer.


9-in-1 Kids Easel & Activity Table with Chair

This is kind of the “beyond the easel” option. This easel for kids can be used in multiple different ways for creative art and play time.

First, of course, it can be a standing easel (look in the background of the photo above to see this) for art projects. It can also be used as a tabletop easel by adjusting and shortening the legs.

When art time is over, this easel converts into a kids’ activity table! There is a very interesting block game surface option. Or the option to have a smooth surface. And this easel/table comes with a chair.

There are even storage drawers underneath the table for toys or art supplies. One drawback here is there are no reviews at the time of this writing.

But other toys by the same manufacturer (Arkmiido) appear to be reviewed highly across the board. This gives me the confidence to share this as a very interesting option for kids’ easels.

It does appear to be designed with younger children in mind. If you’re looking for an easel for an older grade school option, the taller US Art Supply easel is probably a better choice. Even with less versatility overall.


Rettel Roller Kraft Paper Roll Display

Thinking outside of the easel for a minute, or at least the traditional version of an easel, take a look at this! A wall mounted paper roll for crafts is an awesome option for a kids’ art easel!

All the fun of an easel but it takes up less space. And it doesn’t need to be put away. Plus it’s super cute. Many of the reviews for this product are adults who use it as part of their home decor.

Plus, with this being on the wall instead of on legs, you can adjust this to any height for kids from toddlers to teens.

Take a serious look at this one if you’re looking for an older child. Not just because of the height. But also consider that they might want to use it as room decor. Changing the messages. And making beautiful art they can leave up to display. It’s a seriously fun option!


Hape Wooden Kid’s Art Easel with Paper Roll

The Hape Wooden Kid’s Art Easel is a great all-around choice for your child. It has a white dry erase board on one side and a chalkboard on the other. And includes a paper roll for kids to get creative.

This easel also includes paint pots and magnets. Plus you can adjust the height to grow with your young child. Do note, this one is best for a young child. It’s on the shorter side. Which is perfect for a small child. But might be disappointing if you’re shopping for a child getting beyond the preschool years.

In that case, look for a taller easel like the US Art Supply easel at the start of this post.

The description for this easel says “award winning”. I don’t know what awards that refers to exactly. But Hape makes high-quality wooden toys in my experience. And it’s a nice looking easel with many positive reviews.

I also happen to think this is one of the cuter wooden easels for kids. I love the bright colors. It looks fun and kid-friendly. And would make a perfect addition to a kids’ play area.


US Art Supply French Style Wooden Easel with Artist’s Drawer

For this list, I wanted to include at least one French style wooden easel for kids that aren’t looking for a chalkboard or a wipe off board. Those kids that are looking for a serious art easel for painting on canvas or drawing. Something that looks like what the pros would use.

I chose this easel because of the excellent reviews and the amazingly low price. Most French style easels are over $100. So, this one is a bargain.

I love how compact it folds up. If you have a landscape painter in the family or just someone who loves to paint outdoors they’ll love the portability of this easel.

This is one of the best kids art easel options for tweens or teens who are serious about painting and art. This easel can also be used well into adulthood.


Joyoos Double Sided Adjustable Kids Wooden Easel

The thing I want to highlight about this easel that makes it stands out from others that are similar is it’s height adjustment. This easel has one of the best height ranges for a kids’ easel.

Cute, colorful, and kid-friendly, this easel adjusts from a height of 37″ up to 50″. It’s not the tallest on the list, but it has the best mid-range where you could purchase this easel for a child as young as three and have them still be using it as they reach the tween years.

And you get the chalkboard, wipe off board, and paper roll included with other easels that may not last as long. Happy reviewers have noted that this easel is easy to assemble. And is also sturdy and well made.


Deluxe Children’s Art Easel

I want to switch gears here for a minute and take you away from Amazon to explore some of the best art easels for kids on Etsy.

This Deluxe Children’s easel is a perfect choice for your child if you’re looking for a high-quality, sturdy wooden easel. I love the large work surface of this easel. There is tons of space for your child to create something fantastic.

And this kids’ easel has all five star reviews as of this post being published. Plus something fun with Etsy is the possibility of customization.

With this easel, you can choose whether you want a chalkboard or whiteboard surface. And you can choose red plastic paint trays or wooden ones.

Made in Minnesota, this easel comes from an Etsy shop with impressive reviews for customer service and quality. Which makes it easier to shop with confidence.


Picture Frame Art Easel for Kids

Wall easels work great with kids because you can adjust the height to wherever you need. You can also make almost any location with an open wall spot into your child’s art space.

This picture frame easel is a fun way for your child to create and then instantly display their work. The frame style is attractive and fun. And this children’s easel is a great gift for kids at any age!

This is one of my favorite art easels for kids because it has style and function. Definitely an option to consider if your child needs a place to create art!

Best Art Easel for Kids to Create & Play

Finding the best easel for your child means considering all the various options and styles to find the one that best fits your kid. Do you have a little one looking for a durable easel they can create on AND play? Then a colorful easel with magnets, chalk, paint cups, and lots of ways to use it will make a good choice.

If you have an older child interested in seriously getting creative with a real wooden easel, take a look at some of the more grown up easels. The French style or a wall easel they can move around and adjust the height as they grow.

This list highlights the best art easels for kids in a bunch of different styles and categories. Go through them all and find the one best for your child! Then watch them make art!

Best Child Art Easel Choices

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