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25 Best Fisher-Price Little People Toys for Kids {Ages 1 to 5}

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Fisher-Price Little People Toy Reviews

If you have little ones, chances are you’re familiar with Fisher-Price Little People toys. In fact, you’ve probably played with them yourself. Fisher-Price has been making these simple, adorable toys for kids since the 1950s. My kids love them. And the truth is I do too! So cute and fun! With so many different ways to play with them. There is a set of Little People for every kids’ interests and playtime. If you’re trying to find the best Little People toy for your child, check out this list of favorites they are sure to love!

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Popular Little People Toys for Toddlers & Preschoolers


Fisher-Price Little People Swing & Share Treehouse Playset

Who doesn’t love a treehouse! This Fisher-Price Little People Treehouse is at the top of my list because my kids have it and they absolutely love it! It’s one of their favorite Little People sets.

Like all Little People sets, this one comes with a couple of people. And as a huge plus, it comes with an adorable dog! My kids always love the sets that come with animals.

This is a sturdy, high-quality set. With several fun ways to play. The Little People can hang out on the swing (which moves), slide down the trap door (whee!) or play in the treehouse. They can also hang out with their dog by his very cool dog house. There is even a button that lets the dog pop in and out of his doghouse.

There is something so bright and fun about this toy. And the songs and sounds are cute too. Overall this is definitely one of my top picks for the best Little People playsets.


Fisher-Price Little People Animal Rescue

This is one of the more expensive Little People sets from Fisher-Price. But when you see everything that is included, you’ll understand why.

I already mentioned how much my kids love the sets that include animals. And this set has two, a dog and a cat. But what really brings the fun with this playset is the vehicles. There is a fire truck AND a helicopter!

My youngest is very excited about the helicopter. Plus there are two fun figurines included, a firefighter and a female doll named Mia.

The Animal Rescue building is huge. And opens up so that your child will have lots of ways to play with their Little People dolls. The helicopter and firetruck play songs and sounds when buttons are pushed. And there is even a place to give the rescued animals a bath.

There is a lot going on with this toy, in the best possible way. Which will make for hours of fun for kids.


Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

No question, this is one of the best Little People playsets. It’s a Little People house with adorable figurines (including a dog!), furniture, and fun sounds and songs in multiple rooms.

This house has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, upstairs, and more. Plus a fancy bed for the dog. There are ways to play with the house from every side which makes this a fun set for kids to share with siblings or friends.

And the price on this is fantastic. It’s fair to note that Fisher-Price Little People sets aren’t always cheap. But they are high-quality and last for years. They also have a good resale value in mom’s groups and at garage sales. Because they last.

But this house is at a price point you would find for any comparable dollhouse. And because it’s a Little People playset you know it will last and be fun for years!

There are a couple different versions of this house too. If you want to see all the options before you buy, click through these links:

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home

Little People Big Helpers Home in Turquioise


Fisher-Price Toy Story 4 Jessie’s Campground Adventure by Little People

Fisher-Price makes a couple of different camping themed Little People playsets. I really like this one because there is a lot more to this toy than you see at first glance.

This particular Little People playset is lots of fun because it features favorite characters from Toy Story! Toy Story 4 specifically because that’s the one with the family traveling in a camper.

And, before you keep scrolling because it looks like just a plain Little People vehicle, click through to see what this toy can do! The camper opens up to reveal a whole campsite set up. There is a bunk, a gameboard for the figurines, a cooler that opens, and more!

And when playtime is over, everything fits back inside the camper van for easy clean up.

The set comes with Jessie and Buzz from Toy Story. If your child is more of a Woody fan or would just like to have more of the characters to play with, grab a more complete set of Toy Story 4 Little People figurines here.


Fisher-Price Little People Travel Together Friend Ship

Fisher-Price Little People take a cruise! The Travel Together Friendship is more than just a toy boat! It opens up with multiple surprising features inside.

Inside the open ship is a swinging hammock, a fold-out pier, bunks and more! This Little People playset also comes with a fishing pole, snorkel gear, and a boat for excursions.

All the accessories fit inside the ship for storage. The rest of us may not be able to go on a cruise right now, but this Fisher-Price Little People toy for toddlers lets your kids send their toys on one!


Fisher-Price Little People Caring For Animals Farm

Looking waaaay back into the past, one of my favorite toys at a daycare I attended as a child was a Little People farm playset. Today’s version is even more fun than I remember!

The barn has lights, music, sounds, and even a drop-through hayloft your child will love. But even if they never press a button (or you know, you take out the batteries) your child will still have fun playing the barn, the animals and the farmer!

Fisher-Price still makes this classic toy because it was fun when I was a kid. And it’s fun now. This is a great standalone Little People set if you’re not interested in having a whole town. And the price is good too for all you get. This is one of my top picks for Fisher-Price Little People toys.


Fisher-Price Little People Manners Marketplace Playset

This is basically a Fisher-Price Little People grocery store. My kids have this playset and have always enjoyed it. It has the market area for shopping. And then a small eatery at the top.

If you have a few other Little People playsets, like the house above, this makes a really fun addition to your child’s “town”. And the songs and sounds are about having good manners. Great for reinforcing what you’re teaching your kids about please and thank yous.

This set comes with two Little People characters. A grocer for the store. And a customer for shopping and eating out. Plus a few accessories like a food tray and a cake.


Little People Fisher-Price Friendly School

This Little People schoolhouse makes a great introduction to the classroom for toddlers and preschoolers. Click through to the see the inside! It’s an adorable miniaturized version of a classroom.

I love the globe, the little lunchroom, and the clock. There is also a see-saw and a giraffe for measuring height. Plus what kind of looks like a colorful abacus. So many things for kids to play with when they have this toy!

And the song about making friends is fun for little ones. There is a lot of fun to be had here. Plus a useful way to get little ones excited about school.

Two Little People figurines are included. A student and a teacher. Fill up the school with Little People from your other sets for extra fun!


Fisher-Price Little People Cuddle & Play Nursery Play Set

My preschooler loves taking care of “babies”. Everything from dolls and stuffed animals to a little plastic praying mantis that’s been given a washrag bed on her pillow. Which is why I know this Little People playset would be a huge hit!

One of the most unique Fisher-Price Little People sets, the Cuddle & Play Nursery includes two babies, a rocking cradle, a bottle, and everything you need for a little baby nursery.

There are so many reasons to love this toy! It’s great for young kids who love playing “caretaking”. And it’s also a fun way to talk to a soon-to-be older sibling about having a baby in the family.

Toddlers can feed the babies a bottle, change their diaper, rock them to sleep, and let them play on the floor. All things real babies do!

Plus it’s just fun! These babies can complete Little People families from other sets. They’re adorable. And make playtime with Little People even more fun.


Fisher-Price Little People Big Yellow School Bus

Rounding out the top 10 Little People toys on this list is an adorable Little People school bus! This updated version of a longtime classic has some great features.

First, this Little People school bus has a pull handle! Which is fun for kids to use. And it stores underneath so it doesn’t get in the way when it’s time to sit still.

Plus this toy comes with four unique Little People figurines. Your child can manually open the door and the stop sign. Plus there is a wheelchair ramp. So much going on here. And lots of fun ways to play with this toy.

Your child can drive around their Little People town picking up the kids for school. They’ll love it!


Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Story

I know this is more of a specialty/seasonal Little People toy. But it happens to be one of my kids’ favorites. And gets played with year round.

This is one of my favorite Little People toys for a couple of reasons. First, when my kids were little it was a fun and interactive way to tell them the Christmas story. And to have a nativity set up that the kids are allowed to touch.

Secondly, it is genuinely fun for kids to play with. There are so many fun pieces to this set! From The Holy Family of a mother, father, and child to the Wiseman and the animals. And there is even an angel. What’s not to love!

The stable is cute too. Lots of fun to be had with this set, at Christmas or any time of year.


Fisher-Price Little People Animal Train

One of my favorite things about Fisher-Price Little People is that there is a fun playset for every child’s current obsession! Do you have a little one who loves trains? (I do!) Then you need this!

This Little People train is an adorable and musical fun-fest for kiddos! The train plays train sounds and songs when kids push the smokestack. And it comes with a conductor and a lion figurine.

Plus, worth noting, this is one of the cheapest Little People toys. So, if you want some Little People fun without a high price tag, this is a perfect choice.


Fisher-Price Little People Princess Belle’s Caring House Playset

Beauty and the Beast happens to be one of my favorite Disney movies. But even if your kiddo has never seen the movie, they will still get a kick out of this Little People house playset.

First, there’s the cute little cottage. But even better, Belle and her horse, Phillipe! The songs are about how good it feels to care for others. And kids will love helping Belle take care of Phillipe.

There’s a removable bed and a carrot for Phillipe. This is a fun set for fans of Belle and fans of horses.


Fisher-Price Little People Dump Truck

Dump trucks are the most fun of toy trucks! What kid doesn’t love to fill it up and dump it out? Sure, they’ll love putting the toy boulder in there for their Little People dump truck driver to drive around. But we all know they’ll put other stuff in there too. And love every minute of it!

This Dump Truck is one of my favorite of the many Little People cars and trucks for kids.


Fisher-Price Little People Helping Others Fire Truck

With hundreds of positive reviews, this Fisher-Price Little People fire truck looks like a sure winner! With rolling wheels for sending this fire engine into action, and of course some fun songs and sounds, this fire truck is a must-have!

It comes with two firefighter figurines. And has a ladder and hose for playing at fighting fires.


Fisher-Price Little People Help a Friend Pick Up Truck

I love this cute Little People truck! So simple and fun! And cheap! One of the lowest priced Little People toys I’ve ever seen. It makes a great gift all by itself or as part of a Fisher-Price Little People collection.

This would make a great gift for a kid’s birthday party or Christmas because it’s a high-quality toy. And fun. But inexpensive. And small.


Little People Sit & Stand Skyway

If you’re looking for something different than the typical Little People toy sets, check out the Little People Sit & Stand Skyway. This show-stopping toy converts from at sit-at roadway toy to a stand-up skyway! Get your kids on their feet for playtime with this toy!

Instead of the usual Little People figurines, you get two cars with attached drivers they call “wheelies” in the product description. A cute name that fits.

These small-wheeled cars and drivers can race around the roadway or zoom down the skyway delighting your child every minute of play time.

And if you love this set, check out this other popular Little People Wheelies set:

Fisher-Price Little People the Helpful Neighbor’s Garage


Fisher-Price Little People Around The Neighborhood Vehicle Pack

FIsher-Price makes some really fun Little People vehicles! This pack helps you get a bunch of different cars and trucks at once. And it’s a great deal.

This five vehicle set includes some of the most popular Little People vehicles from the tractor to the ice cream truck for a great price. With a driver for each vehicle. And it’s an Amazon Exclusive.

All are cute. And sure to be a hit with kids during drivetime- err…playtime.


Fisher-Price Disney Toy Story 4 Ferris Wheel by Little People

Fisher-Price really hit it out of the park with the Little People toys for Toy Story 4! The camper van I talked about earlier in the list and then this awesome Ferris wheel!

This toy includes a Woody figurine and Ducky from the fourth Toy Story movie. But all your child’s Little People toy figurines will be able to take a ride around Ferris wheel when this ride comes to town.

Kids will love turning the crank and watching the ride spin.


Disney’s Frozen Kristoff’s Sleigh by Little People

My little one received this Frozen-themed sleigh for a birthday gift over a year ago and it’s still a favorite. If your child is a fan of Anna, Kristoff, and Sven, they’ll love this adorable Little People play set.

The sleigh lights are a fun detail. And Sven hitches up to pull Anna and Kristoff in the sleigh.

If your child is more of an Elsa fan, or would rather have both sisters, check out the Frozen Arendelle Little People Set or the Elsa & Friends Little People 4-Pack to get Olaf too!


Fisher-Price Little People Caring for Animals Tractor

Maybe it’s because my grandpa was a farmer but I have a soft spot for toy tractors! And most kids do too! Which is why this Little People tractor will be such a hit with your child!

It comes with a farmer and two animals (cute little pig and sheep!). The trailer detaches from the trailer and can be used to haul animals from this set or any other Little People set.

Plus your child can enjoy songs and sounds related to farm life fun. They’ll love it!


Fisher-Price Little People Share a Treat Ice Cream Truck

I scream, you scream, we all scream for this adorable Little People Ice Cream Truck! This fun little toy is perfect for small hands to drive around. And comes at a low price.

The included figure can drive the truck or stand in the back to serve ice cream to their Little People friends.


Little People Disney Princess Figure Pack

Fisher-Price has many, many, Little People figure packs (I really want to know what kid wants a Little People pack from The Office). But this Little People Disney Princess pack has got to be one of the most popular.

There are separate Little People sets for almost all of the Disney Princesses. But no one has the money or space to own ALL of them. So if your child is a fan of multiple princesses, this pack is the way to go.

My kids have this pack and they use one generic toy castle for all of them. Princesses can share too! I enjoy how this pack highlights something special about each princess.

A perfect gift for a princess fan to use with their Little People play sets.


Fisher-Price Little People Mike the Knight Klip Klop Arena Playset

Wheelies aren’t the only new type of Little People figurines. Check out Mike, the Klip Klop Knight! My kids have one of the Little People Klip-Klop toys. A princess castle with princesses on horses Klip-Klopping around castle runways. And it’s been a favorite toy for years.

This toy looks similarly entertaining! The knight’s horse can be set at the top of the ramp and it’s feet move to klip-klop down while your child watches with delight.

This is a fun Little People toy for toddlers or preschoolers. They’ll love the horse/knight character moving on its own.

The price is high. So, consider searching re-sale groups on social media or garage sales for this or other Little People Klip Klop toys if it’s over your budget.


Fisher-Price Little People Launch and Loop Raceway

One more Little People wheelies toy! Check out the Launch & Loop Raceway! This toddler-friendly race car playset is perfect for little ones who want the fun of Hot Wheels but designed for toddler hands and skills.

This set comes with two race car wheelies with an attached driver that your child can send through loops and launches and watch them fly!

The double car launcher lets your child race two cars at once! Super cool and fun for kids looking for some racing action at playtime!

Little People Toys Reviews

Kids love Fisher-Price Little People toys! They’ve been around for years, chances are you enjoyed playing with them yourself as a kid. This list of the best Little People toys can help you choose the best of these classic toys for your child.

I know I’ll have to update this review often to keep it current because FIsher-Price is constantly updating their Little People playsets and they just get better and better!

These fun Little People toys for toddlers, preschoolers, and early grade school kids are tons of fun and make great gifts for young kids. Choose the best ones for your child from the list above!

The Best Little People Toys for Preschoolers & Kids

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