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Best Behavior Books to Read with Your Kids

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How to Stop Your Child Hitting, Biting, Yelling, and More 

These are the best books for teaching kids good behavior in a positive way! As a parent, you will likely encounter behaviors in your kids that you don’t like. This probably doesn’t surprise you. But it might surprise you how hard it is to get them to stop doing the things you don’t like.

You probably never gave too much thought to how you would explain to someone why they can’t bite you. Or their sister. Or their playmate. Or the cat. And I don’t know about your kids, but just saying “No!” doesn’t usually cut it.

As an avid fan of books and reading in general, I have found children’s books to be useful teaching tools for behavior issues. Fortunately, I’ve found the Best Behavior Series of Board books on Amazon to extremely useful teaching tools for things like biting, yelling, hitting. You know, the fun stuff. And they can help you too. Check them out.

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The Best of the Best Behavior Series

toddler books on behavior

1. Voices are Not for Yelling

Voices are Not for Yelling was the first of the best behavior series books I purchased. My oldest daughter has a problem with volume control. Which is no surprise since both her dad and I have been known to raise our voices now and again. Which has prompted my kids to say, “Mom! Voices are NOT for yelling!” every time I slip up and raise my voice. A good lesson for all of us. The book addresses both yelling into anger and yelling because your a kid who likes to randomly scream, in case you have one or both of those issues at home. Which you probably do, what with having kids and all.

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2. Hands are Not for Hitting

Violence is never ok. But sometimes kids get mad, or impatient, or don’t know how to use their words. And then they hit. You or their playmates. And nobody likes that. Like all the books in the series, this one uses simple words and bright colored pictures to make the point that hands are not for hitting. If you have problems with feet more than hands, there is also Feet are Not for Kicking.

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3. Teeth are Not for Biting

Seriously, biting is the worst! It’s horrible when your kid bites you. Even worse when they bite someone else. But it happens with almost all kids. This book talks about the reasons kids might bite, ranging from teething to crankiness, to boredom. It also offers positive alternatives to leaving teeth marks on others. If your kiddo is a little Jaws, this is a must for your bookshelf.

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4. Tails are Not for Pulling

I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed lately with the kids and squeezing in work during nap time and my oldest starting school. So, we decided to get a puppy! What?!?!? I know, right? Kind of a crazy decision. But I figured we’re in a chaotic stage of life, why not embrace it? That said, teaching a preschooler and a toddler to leave that little wagging tail alone has been a challenge. A challenge this book has met by teaching the concept of kindness to animals in wonderful detail. Kids and puppies are a great combination. As long as they learn Tails are Not for Pulling. So teach them.

stop nose picking in kids

5. Noses are Not for Picking

Kids are so cute, the little nosepickers. Who doesn’t love when you’re out in public with your kids and you see one of them knuckle deep in their nostril digging for gold. Classy. This book can help guide your little one to a box of tissues and a handwashing sink. And keep their fingers out of their nose! Gah!

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6. Germs are Not for Sharing

If you have a child in daycare or preschool, chances are you cringe at the start of cold and flu season. Between snotty noses and uncovered coughs, kids are the perfect vector for sharing germs. Blech! So use this colorful and entertaining book to help your kids remember things like hand washing and covering coughs. Because Germs are Not for Sharing!

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7. Words are Not for Hurting

We’re always telling our kids to use their words but sometimes kids say mean things! This book has been useful for teaching a little restraint when it comes to filtering what comes out of little mouths. And with an emphasis on saying “I’m sorry,” this book teaches a great lesson in taking responsibility for what words come out of your mouth to my kids.

Dealing with a behavior problem not listed? Check out the rest of the Best Behavior Series on Amazon to see if they have a book that can help YOU out!

And please share your favorite books for correcting problem behaviors in the comments.

Best Kids Books to Teach Good Behavior

best behavior books for toddlers

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  1. As the mother of two toddlers, I deal with my share of behavior issues. I’ve never heard of these books, but they sound like an excellent way to help teach my children not to hit, or bite, or pick their noses.

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