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15+ Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids

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Monthly Art Subscription Boxes for Kids

One of the greatest joys I’ve experienced as a mother is watching my kids develop their talents and express their creativity. And one of the best ways to do this is through art. Art allows kids to be creative, express themselves, and develop skills and talents they can use their entire lives. This is why art subscription boxes make such amazing gifts for kids. Any one of the boxes on this list of the best art subscription boxes for kids will help your budding artist try new projects, experiment with new art materials, and help them grow as a creator.

Art subscription boxes for kids from toddlers to teens (and some for adults too) will give your child the inspiration and materials to be the artist they long to be. Choose the best one for your artistic kiddo below!

FYI, this list focuses on art boxes for kids focused mostly on painting, drawing, etc. If you’re looking for a craft subscription box, please check out this list of The Best Monthly Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids

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The Best Art Kits for Kids


Classy Artist Box Art and Craft Subscription Boxes

If you have a budding artist wanting to learn art at home, this is a great box to try! 

The Classy Artist Box is created for kids with options for all ages. Choose the perfect art subscription box for your child from preschool and grade school up through middle school and high school.

This box features a different style of art each month, allowing kids to try a variety of skills and materials. 

It makes a perfect art curriculum for homeschoolers and is taught by a former homeschooler and art teacher.

Recent boxes included fiber arts, nature painting, and art journaling. It might be made for kids, but parents would totally love these projects too!


Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box

Take a deep dive into charcoal drawing with these monthly art subscription boxes that feature two charcoal drawings each month.

The Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box makes charcoal drawing accessible to all skill levels of artists. Even true beginners can start with this box because there is no experience necessary!

Though the drawings may be a bit too intricate for smaller kids, middle and high school age artists could definitely dive into this.

Each month you’ll receive two drawings, a magazine, video tutorials, all supplies, paper, and even mattes to frame your works of art!


Gogh Box Art Crate

Explore painting with the Gogh Box Art Crate, a gorgeous art supply subscription box.

Two different painting surfaces and tutorials are yours each month with surfaces ranging from traditional canvas to wood panels and more. New paintbrushes come in your first box and you’ll be resupplied with paint every third shipment. 

The paintings are absolutely beautiful, and appropriate for kids around age 12 and above. Though you might be able to get this as an art subscription box for tweens if they are a little precocious in their art skills.


Smudge Kids Co. Monthly Art Box Subscription for Kids

Are your young artists preschoolers and kids in elementary school? This one’s for you!

I love how this creative kids art subscription box focuses on the process of creating art vs. the finished product, which is perfect for this age (4-8 years old). Though younger kids could probably get involved with these art projects too!

Each box is really inviting with lots of bright colors and multiple projects to create together. A past box even included a squirt gun.


Outside the Box Creation Kids Art Box

Have kids in a wide age gap? This might be the perfect art subscription box for your kids! 

The Outside the Box Creation box is one of the best art subscription boxes for the whole family to do together. The target age of this box is 6-11, but kids as young as four and as old as 17 are customers too.

Each box includes enough materials for two children along with a picture book and detailed instructions. Previous boxes have explored everything from popular children’s books to famous artists like Frida Kahlo.

Most of the boxes are painting, but sometimes there are other mediums too. And looking at past boxes, all the projects look like a lot of fun.


Kids Lit Kit Art Box

A simple but beautiful acrylic painting box you can do with your kids! 

The main Lit Kit Art Box is made for ages 21+, but there is also a Kids’ Lit Kit Art Box designed for ages 6-18. So, make sure you choose the kids’ option from the drop-down menu if you’re buying for your children.

Each shipment includes everything you need to do that month’s artwork. But you can also choose a digital-only version if you are all stocked up on supplies!

The adult version is taught via a monthly “Wine Down Wednesday” Zoom class! So this box has options that are fun for kids and a box that’s self-care for parents.


The Inky Box Art Subscription Box for Kids

This box is so close to my heart because I remember going through a hand-lettering and calligraphy phase as a kid. It is so fun, and practical too!

It’s like the ultimate art subscription box for tweens. Teens and even adults will enjoy this one too. But something about perfecting penmanship just feels like such a tween activity to me.

Each month you’ll receive calligraphy and hand-lettering tools, supplies, and greeting cards along with practice sheets to work on those skills. 


Your Paint Box Art Supply Subscription Box

Your Paint Box is another great option if you have children of a wide range of ages. But this monthly art subscription box is oil painting. There is the regular Your Paint Box for ages 12+, and then the junior version for kids 7-11. 

So, choose the right box for your kids’ ages and skill level.

Your first box comes with paint, brushes, and a palette knife for mixing paint. Each month after you’ll receive supplies for two paintings with any additional materials you may need.

You’ll learn how to paint with Kathryn, who is super relaxed, via YouTube videos.


My Create Crate Creative Kids Art Subscription Box

The My Create Crate combines art and crafts with a cute monthly theme for kids.

These arts & crafts subscription boxes for kids come with two projects each month. One project is an art project on canvas or wood, the other a fun craft. And both are based on a fun monthly theme. All the materials your kids will need are included in the box. 

The cool thing about this subscription box is you can upgrade to the “buddy box” if you have more than one child. The buddy box has supplies for two children.

Based on previous boxes, this box will work for a variety of ages from preschool on up to maybe middle school.


Paletteful Packs Kids Art Subscription Box

Dabble in a bunch of different styles of art with your kids and the Paletteful Packs.

Each month has a different theme like watercolors, markers, pens, acrylic, and more. Plus, take your pick of three different box options with the Paletteful Packs: premier, petite, or young artist. 

The premier and petite are similarly made for adults and teens, maybe a super artistic tween, and the young artist packs work better for younger kids.


KidArtLit Monthly Art Subscription Boxes

I seriously wanted to order one of these monthly art subscription boxes as soon as I saw them because I love the way they combine literature with art for kids! 

The KidArtLit boxes include artistic picture books and quick and easy art kits based on the book, enough for two children in each box!

The Deluxe version includes additional activities. Both include notes from the authors of the books. Pretty cool! Perfect for kids ages 3-8. 

And if you love kids crafts based on children’s books, find more children’s book themed crafts here!


Terra Create Art and Craft Subscription Boxes

Looking for something more natural and eco-friendly in your kids’ art subscription box? 

The Terra Create box focuses on the use of natural materials with earth and cultural themes plus short lessons on the significance of the art or craft that kids are creating and full-color instructions.

This would be a beautiful addition to a homeschool curriculum!

You can also upgrade to add materials for an additional child for just $10. There isn’t an age specified for this box, but it looks like it is geared towards tweens, teens, and adults.


Art Snacks Art Supply Subscription Box for Kids

If you have an older kid who is already an art aficionado and you’d like to get them a unique gift, this one would be a great choice. 

Instead of monthly tutorials, this box sends you and your child new art supplies to play with and give a test drive. Included are 4-5 full-size supplies and a “menu” all about each item and how to use it. 

For kids who know the basics of art and want to branch out or experiment with new supplies, this box is amazing.


Guide Dots Kids Art Crate

Guide Dots is a genius creative kids art subscription box. 

Using dots placed strategically on the paper, Guide Dots helps them learn to create and tap into their artistic ability. Each box comes with the supplies and tutorials needed to create and learn fundamental art skills. 

There are even two options. Choose level one for your 4-7-year-olds, or the level two options for kids age 8-10. Both look like an amazing way to help your child explore art.


A Painted Number Art Subscription Box for Tweens & Teens

Paint by numbers pieces are so classic, but they’re still around for a reason. They’re fun!

The concept is simple, but these are not simple paintings. They are exquisite! If your child is especially good at staying in the lines then any age could tackle this art supply subscription box. But I think it would be best suited to tweens and above.

You might even want to order one or two for yourself and your partner for date night!


Creative Girls Art Subscription Box for Tweens

This box just screams that it is the perfect art subscription box for tweens, especially tween girls. Girls will love creating these more feminine designs, but of course, boys can join in the fun too! 

Some of the projects are more art projects, and some fall more into the range of crafty vs. art. But either way, they are super fun and adorable.

The boxes are created especially for girls ages 7-12, and are very affordable with the first box being less than $10!

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Fun KiwiCo Art Subscription Boxes for Kids


Doodle Art and Craft Subscription Boxes for Kids

This one blurs the line between arts and crafts but is great for kids as young as nine years old. 

The crafts in this subscription box are beautiful. I’m obsessed with the felt succulent garden! So cute! And each month is dedicated to learning a new skill, like soap making! Artistic and actually kind of practical too. Not to mention the price for this box is super reasonable.

Maker Subscription Craft Boxes for Kids

Technically this is a craft box too, but it isn’t your old macaroni and construction paper craft for kids. 

No, these subscription craft boxes for kids take kids’ crafts to a new level with beautiful designs that are much more art than simple craft. Kids learn everything from macrame to pottery to needle punch. 

It’s recommended for kids aged 14 and above, but tweens might be able to do it too. Use your parental judgment on that one.

What is the Best Art Subscription Box for Kids?

There are so many great choices for the best art subscription boxes for kids! How do you choose? Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking out your monthly art box subscription.

First, how old are your children, and what is their skill level? This list has something for all ages and skill levels, but that is definitely the number one consideration when choosing which box will fit you and your family the best. 

Some are geared toward preschool to elementary ages while others are more suited for teens and tweens. A few will work for all ages. But also take your kid’s skill level into account too.

A precocious tween might be able to do adult art boxes, while a nine-year-old with no experience might be better off using something made for a little younger audience. Go with your gut. You know what will teach and challenge your child in the right doses.

Next is just personal taste really. Would your child have more fun mixing it up with something new every month? Or would they rather do a deep dive into one type of art? 

Some boxes focus on one style or medium, like charcoal drawing, while others will send you a wide array of styles and themes. There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to this, just what will be the most fun!

And you can always try one subscription for a month or three and then switch to something else.

Are Art Subscription Boxes Worth It?

This will 100% depend on your child But the question is probably not if an art subscription box is worth it. The question is probably which subscription box is worth it for your child and family. 

My kids do not follow tutorials very well. In fact, my daughter gets pretty riled up with I interfere with her creative process with something as mundane as a rigid tutorial.

So the Outside the Box subscription would work so well for her because there is no right or wrong way to do the projects. It’s all about having fun in the process. 

On the other hand, some kids really thrive with structure and learning exact techniques. Something like the Charcoal Expressions box might be a perfect fit!

So to summarize, the same box could be a total waste for one family, but a cherished project to another. Figure out you and your child’s niche and go with it. 

To look at it from just a purely monetary value would do a disservice to the boxes, to be honest though.

You might be able to go to the craft store and pick up supplies for a lower cost than a subscription box in many cases. The value is rather in the convenience of having everything already chosen for you so you can skip that emotional labor of planning. 

Plus, getting things in the mail is so fun, and kids go wild for opening packages!

Best Art Subscription Boxes for Kids 2021

More than anything, when it comes to choosing the best kids art kit, think about fun! You can even bounce around between different boxes until you find one that lights you and your children up. The whole point of art is expression and enjoyment. Finding the best art subscription box for your family can be jam-packed with memories and creativity you’ll never forget. Live it up.

Kids Subscription Boxes Art

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