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Baby and Toddler Hair Care Products You’ll Love

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The Best Haircare Products for Toddler and Baby Hair

Baby and toddler hair care can be challenging. Whether you’re dealing with a few delicate strands or a thick head of curls, or something in between you need the right products. These are my favorite products for caring for baby’s hair. And also toddler hair as my kids grew. Cherish those beautiful little heads of hair with these products. 

Both of my children have quite a head of hair. My oldest has straight hair that is about three inches thick on the sides. It also seems to be waterproof. When I attempt a washing, it takes a total dunking for water to soak into this beaver fur-like water-repellent hair.

My youngest was born with a head full of dark curls. Not as thick or water repellent as my first child. But instead, she has allergies to almost every product under the sun. It’s always something isn’t it, mamas? And neither of my kids likes to have their hair combed or brushed, of course. But it has to be done. So to make things a little easier, here is a list of my favorite baby and toddler hair care products. 

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Baby and Toddler Hair Care Products


1. Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo

I’ve tried so many baby shampoos I couldn’t even list them all. Both of my kids have suffered from eczema since birth.

And my youngest has allergic reactions to anything with the slightest scent or hint of a chemical. I’ve tried baby shampoo and washes so expensive they out priced my own hair products, which is considerable.

Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo beats them all. And is incredibly inexpensive. It smells clean and it works well for both of my girls’ very different hair types. You’ll want to check this one out if you struggle to find the right shampoo for your kids.

toddler conditioner

2. Original Sprout Miracle Detangler

Many baby shampoos claim to detangle or include conditioner but if you’ve tried combing your toddler’s wet hair out without a detangler spray or actually using conditioner you know that is a load of hooey.

After trying a few detangling sprays that we’re only moderately successful, Original Sprout Miracle Detangler was recommended to me by my hairdresser. It is awesome.

Just a few sprays of the detangler into even very thick hair makes it completely comb outable. I’m grateful for the easier combing and my tender-headed children are even more pleased.

The price might seem a little high but a little goes a long way so the bottle lasts for a long time.  If tangles lead to tears after baths at your house, give this spray a try.


3. Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics

If your toddler has thick hair like my oldest’s, or slick hair where every clip or ponytail holder slides right out, these bands are what you need!

They are the first hairbands I’ve used for my oldest’s ponytails that don’t slip out within an hour of my putting them in. They last through a whole day of preschool. And they don’t get caught in hair when I try to take them out. Which saves a lot of drama and hair tangles at bedtime.


4. Goody Mini-Latex Hair Elastics

If your little one has delicate hair that breaks easily or so little hair that most ponytail holders are too big, these hair elastics are what you need. I

use the Goody Mini-Latex Hair Elastics for my youngest child’s fine hair. They tended to slip out of her sister’s hair. But for her, they stay put in her much thinner hair.


5. Layla and Dawn Detangling Hair Brush with Mirror

This adorable brush is perfect for a young toddler. My daughter loves the bright colors and the mirror on the back.

It’s not a complete success at detangling snarly hair but it works better than other brushes I’ve tried and I am a huge fan.

It’s comfortable to hold and easy to use for me or my daughter to brush her hair. She still doesn’t enjoy having her hair brushed but it’s a little less of a battle getting it done.

And Here are a Few Extra Fun Things I Love

For unique & pretty bows for babies & toddlers, Etsy is the place to shop. Handmade baby bows & clips for days. Every color and style you could want. Perfect for baby photo shoots, or just jazzing up your toddler’s pigtails. Check them out here!



No two heads of hair are alike. My kids are proof of that. These are the baby and toddler hair care products I love. What are yours? Please add any in the comments that I need to try!

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  1. OMG! This article really useful for me. Thanks a lot to Elizabeth for sharing such an informative article about baby and toddler hair care products . I love baby care. I have read your valuable page and gotten much information and I confused for choosing the Baby hair care information what would be the best for everything but now my confusion has cleared by your review. Keep it up………..

  2. My daughter has curls and so far they have never gotten stuck. But her hair is pretty silky so it might depend on the texture of your daughter’s hair. It’s hard to find the right things for different types of hair, I know.

  3. As a licensed hairstylist and grandma to these two heads of hair I have seen how well these hair products work on these little girls hair. And an added bonus, the smell of their hair is FABULOUS! I’d use it for the smell alone.

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