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The Ultimate Baby Shower Games Resource Guide

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The Best Baby Shower Games for a Fun Celebration

One of the best ways to really add some fun to a baby shower is with baby shower games! But not just any games. You have to choose the right ones for your shower and guests. Whether you want funny baby shower games, simple printable games, or something easy and low-key, the right games for your celebration are on this list.

Although some moms-to-be would love to play something laugh-out-loud and inappropriate at their shower, others will want something easy that isn’t going to embarrass anyone. And the size of your baby shower guest list and whether your shower is virtual or in-person will all affect the games you choose.

Fortunately, this list of fun baby shower games has exactly what you need. No matter what type of shower you plan to throw.

Find the Right Baby Shower Games for Your Shower Here

  1. 11 Crazy Fun Baby Shower Games for Your Best Shower Ever
    This post features some of the most popular baby shower games ever played! And it includes everything from the hilarious and inappropriate to the quick and easy classics guests love. Check them out!
  2. 11 Easy & Fun Free Baby Shower Games
    There is absolutely no reason to spend a lot of money on baby shower games! This list of fun and FREE baby shower games will give you all the ideas you need for fun shower games on a budget.
  3. Fun Baby Shower Emoji Game Ideas & Printables
    Emoji themed baby shower games are super popular right now. And this list will help you find the perfect one for your shower. Everything from printable Emoji Pictionary to some poop emoji themed games you just have to see for yourself.

Free Baby Shower Game Printables

  1. Free Printable Price is Right Baby Shower Game
    This free printable Price is Right baby shower game makes a great addition to any baby shower. It’s an easy game to plan and play. And lots of fun for guests. It’s also a great option for virtual showers because it’s easy to play remotely.
  2. What’s In Your Purse Baby Shower Game with Free Printable
    Another free printable baby shower game, this one is basically no prep for the host. Just print it out and your set to play! The only other thing you need is guests with purses. A great game for getting guests chatting and having fun.
  3. Free Baby Shower Charades Printable
    One of the easiest baby shower games to plan and play, baby shower charades is a fun baby shower game for any time of shower from co-ed to coworkers to virtual baby showers. Grab your free printable version in the linked post!

What are the Best Baby Shower Games?

Honestly, the best baby shower games for your celebration will totally depend on the type of shower you plan to throw. A game that might be hilarious fun with one set of shower guests might be an embarrassing flop with a different group of people.

If you’re throwing a shower for a mom-to-be and don’t know the guests well, check with your guest of honor to get an idea of what type of games will be the best fit for your guest list.

The best games for a baby shower with a group of coworkers will be completely different than a group of close friends and family celebrating a mom-to-be. Do your research, talk to your guest of honor about her guest list, and choose games that will work best for your baby shower.

How Many Games Should Be Played at a Baby Shower?

If you’re wondering how many baby shower games you should plan for your baby shower, the short answer is that 3 to 5 is typical.

Three games is a good number. Two short games and one that lasts a little longer. Or three games that are medium to short.

Five would be a lot of games for one shower. Unless a couple of them are very quick.

Another way to think about this question is to decide how much time you want games to take up. Usually, 30 to 40 minutes of games are enough. And then guests are ready to move on to opening gifts and eating cake.

You can always have an extra game or two planned. And then play fewer games if they are taking too long. Or the guests seem to be wanting to move on.

Plan for 3 to 5. But be prepared to make adjustments as things unfold.

Check out this baby shower planning guide for more great tips on throwing the perfect baby shower!

So Many Fun Baby Shower Games to Choose From!

Start clicking the links above and choose the perfect baby shower games for your best shower ever! Whether you’re looking for ideas for your own shower or throwing a shower for a new mom you love, these games will make yours a baby shower to remember!

Do you have a favorite baby shower game? If it’s not on the list, comment or email me so I can get it added ASAP!

Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas for Every Type of Shower

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