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Fun Baby Shower Emoji Game Ideas & Printables

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Easy Baby Shower Emoji Games

A baby shower emoji game is a modern twist on baby shower games for new and expecting moms (and their baby shower hosting friends) who want to keep their shower games easy and fun. 

How often have you heard someone mutter, “I hate baby shower games”? Maybe it’s just my friends are grumps, but I’ve heard it too many times. And I always think, “it’s because you’re playing the wrong types of shower games”.

Because some baby shower games are fun!

I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to taste baby food or sniff a melted chocolate bar that looks like poop in a diaper in the name of baby shower fun. That’s… not fun. 

But emojis are fun! And emoji baby shower games are an easy and fun way to get your baby shower guests laughing and having a good time without asking them to eat something gross or do anything embarrassing. A win for all concerned. 

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What’s Up with Emoji Shower Games?

Even if you’re a fan of baby shower games, playing the same games at every shower can get old. That’s why a baby shower emoji game can be so much fun! 

Emojis are modern and the shower games they’ve inspired are sure to be new to most of your guests. And emojis make a baby shower game funny!

Spice up your baby shower game repertoire! Emoji baby shower games come in a variety of fun ideas. From printable pictionary games, to scratch off games, to my favorite baby shower games, the ones where all the guests need to do to play is choose their chair and sit down. 

Make the games the highlight of your next baby shower with these modern and fun baby shower emoji game ideas!

Free Emoji Baby Shower Game Printable Finds

Planning a baby shower can be expensive! Between the food, the decorations, a gift for the mom-to-be, it all adds up. And sometimes it helps if the baby shower games aren’t taking a cut out of the shower budget. 

If you’re loving the idea of emoji themed baby shower games, but have a budget to stick to, you’ll want to check out these free emoji baby shower game printables for your shower.

baby shower emoji game

Free Printable Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Emoji Game

This free printable baby shower game is a great game for a shower where you want most of the games to be low-key and keep people in their seats. 

To play the game at your baby shower, you can grab the free baby shower emoji game here and pass out a copy to each of your guests along with some pens or pencils. 

The object of this baby shower game is to look at the lines of emojis and guess which nursery rhyme they represent. 

You set a timer for a reasonable amount of time and have your guests start guessing. The guest with the most correct answers when the timer goes off wins the prize. 

Let your guests know they can’t use their phones for help. And they shouldn’t ask for help from friends either (although I don’t know how strict you want to be about this one. At my family showers, this would have been difficult to enforce without turning into the baby shower police). 

Pens should be put down once the timer goes off. Award one point for each correctly identified nursery rhyme. And the person with the most points wins. 

Simple baby shower game fun!

Emoji Printable Baby Shower Game

Children’s Book Emoji Pictionary Baby Shower Game Printable

This free emoji baby shower game printable uses emojis to depict the titles of famous children’s books. You can grab your free printable emoji pictionary game here.

Before your baby shower, print out enough of the game sheets to have one for each guest. And don’t forget to print the answer key and have enough pens for your group. 

To play the game at your baby shower, pass out the game sheets and give your guests about three minutes on the timer. When the timer runs out, see who guessed the most emoji children’s book titles correctly.

I love this baby shower emoji game! It’s a fun new idea that most of your baby shower guests won’t have played before. And it’s especially on point if your shower’s mom-to-be is a book lover or your baby shower has a children’s book theme. 

DIY Emoji Baby Shower Game

DIY Dirty Diaper Emoji Baby Shower Game

Do you need a simple baby shower game for a large group? Or only want to play baby shower games that are super simple so your guests have time to mingle? This DIY dirty diaper emoji baby shower game is the perfect game for any of those baby shower situations. 

Although this game might require a little more setup for the baby shower host than a printable shower game, the game itself is quick and easy. And totally free other than a few supplies. 

To prepare to play this baby shower emoji game, you’ll need to do a little coloring, cutting, and hole punching. But nothing that requires any major crafting skills. 

You’ll be cutting out cardstock diapers and tying them closed with ribbon. All except one of the diapers will be a “clean” diaper. The last one will have a poop emoji in it. That will be the “dirty” diaper. And whoever picks the dirty diaper wins. 

To play the game at your baby shower, have each guest grab a diaper either from a table or by passing them out. or you can set one on each guest chair. Just so that all your guests have one. 

At some point during the shower have everyone open their diapers at the same time. Whoever has the poop emoji diaper wins the prize. 

Most baby shower guests love these types of games. Nobody has to run around or think too hard. They just get to play a silly shower game and share a laugh. 

Sounds like an ideal baby shower game, doesn’t it?

themed emoji baby shower games

 Themed Baby Shower Games with Emojis

If you want your emoji baby shower game printables to match the theme of your baby shower, there are dozens (at least) of beautiful options for emoji printable games.

Whether you’re looking for a rustic themed printable game or a woodland animals emoji shower game printable, or any number of things in between, what you want is probably available on Etsy here

I was also delighted to discover that Amazon has a huge variety of baby shower emoji game printables. See them all here and find the one that fits your theme!

On both Amazon and Etsy, just type in your baby shower theme along with “emoji baby shower game” and see what comes up to choose from. 

Emoji Baby Shower Game Digital Downloads or Physical Products

When you’re looking at baby shower game printables, have in mind whether you’re looking for a digital download you print yourself at home or a local printer. Or if you want pre-printed game sheets shipped and delivered to you. 

The pre-printed baby shower game sheets obviously cost more initially. But take into consideration the cost of paper, printer ink, and you’re time to mess with it when you make your decision. 

I’ve generally found instant downloads of printables to be less expensive. But be sure to make your own calculations of cost and time and effort spent when trying to figure out what will work for your baby shower planning. (Hint: if you have a short timeline, go with the instant download). 

If printing at home isn’t an option, digital downloads can also be printed at local shops like Walgreens or Kinkos, so look into that option as well if the game you want only comes as a digital download but you don’t want to print it at home. 

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Unique Emoji Baby Shower Game Ideas

If you love the idea of an emoji themed baby shower game but aren’t in love with the idea of guessing nursery rhymes or children’s books, you need to check out these hilarious emoji baby shower games. 

And I can say with a lot of confidence that the majority of your baby shower guests will not have played these games before. Which can be fun if you have a friend group that has recently done a lot of showers. 

Check out these hilarious baby shower games with emojis (admittedly mostly the poop emoji).

Hilarious emoji baby shower game

Pin the Emoji Poop on the Diaper

This is a get up and move around kind of baby shower game. So, if that suits your group, this game is a fun option. 

I admit I have a fondness for pin the tail on the donkey type games for showers (check out one of my favorite baby shower games here). And this poop emoji shower game will definitely get some laughs. 

This game is a digital download printable. 

Poop Emoji Shower Game

What’s in My Diaper Poop Emoji Scratch-Off Game

Who doesn’t love scratch-its, right? This game is easy to play and fun! Your guests may not win a million dollars with this particular scratch-it but if they have the winning ticket with the poop emoji, they will win a lovely baby shower prize. 

All you need to do to play is pass out the scratch it cards and let your guests scratch away until someone comes up a winner. You may want to provide your guests with coins to use for scratching in case they don’t have their own.

This poop emoji themed baby shower game is a physical product that the Etsy seller will ship to you. The game comes with 24 game cards, one of which has the winning poop emoji. It’s probably the only time finding a poopy diaper will make you feel like a winner. 

emoji baby shower game download

Emoji Diaper Baby Shower Game

This emoji baby shower game is similar to the DIY diaper game I talked about earlier in the post. But this version is a digital download. 

To play the game you place a folded paper diaper on each of your guests’ chairs, or pass them out, etc. and have everyone open their diaper at the same time. 

Unlike in the scratch-off game, in this game, the poop emoji diapers are the losers (that actually makes more sense to me) and the winner will find the one diaper that has the baby emoji in it. 

This is a simple and fun game featuring adorable emojis. As a guest, I often love the games where playing doesn’t involve a blindfold, standing, mingling, or doing anything other than unfolding a piece of paper. So, if those are your kind of baby shower guests, this might be the game for you. 

Other Fun Ways to Use Emojis at Your Baby Shower

If you want to carry the emoji theme throughout your entire baby shower, you’ll find an abundance of emoji decorations, balloons, and other party essentials on both Etsy and Amazon. And probably at local stores too if you prefer an in-person shopping experience. 

Although many are not specific to a baby shower, balloons, cupcake toppers, banners, and other party supplies pretty much work for whatever you happen to be celebrating. So have some fun with an emoji themed shower!

Emoji Baby Shower Games for the Win!

An emoji baby shower game is a fabulous way to make your next baby shower memorable and fun. Because most of these games are ones your guests won’t have seen before you can bring something new to the baby shower. And who doesn’t want that?

Whether you want to have your guests up and moving while they pin a poop emoji on a diaper, or laughing their way through a sheet of emoji nursery rhyme guesses, or just chatting with each other while they find out who has the dirty diaper emoji, emoji baby shower games bring the fun!


Use Emojis to Make Every Baby Shower Game Funny!

funny emoji shower game

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