free printable baby shower charades

Free Baby Shower Charades Printable

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Baby Shower Charades Game (Free Printable)

Baby shower charades is one of the easiest and most fun baby shower games out there! It works for any size group of people. And requires almost no prep work or planning. All you have to do is print out the baby shower charades cards, cut them out, and put them in a bowl. Instant baby shower game fun!

Playing baby shower charades is so easy! Most of your guests will already have a pretty good idea of how to play. And you can always adjust a few rules to meet the needs of your group. Charades is a great baby shower game for large groups or co-ed showers too. And my free printable baby shower charades game makes it even easier to plan and play.

Guests love baby shower charades too. Because it’s funny, it gets people interacting. And it moves quickly. No hanging around waiting for people to fill out their score sheets or take their turn.

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How Do You Play Baby Shower Charades?

If you’re wondering how to play baby shower charades, you can start by grabbing my FREE printable baby shower charades cards using the signup form below.

For an in-person baby shower, you’ll only need to print one copy of the game. Or possibly a few more copies of the third page if you have a large group. And if you’re using this as a virtual baby shower game you can simply print out one set as the host and then find the best way to message guests with their list of words (keep scrolling for more on how to do this).


A couple of things about this printable. There are three pages of baby shower charades words. Above is page one. And I will post a picture of pages two and three below.

There are also two versions of the game you can print. One is the cute baby shower charades printable above with the pink and white border. The second version is plain, with no border. And as we talk about the rules for baby shower charades you’ll see why I made the second version.

Here is the second page of the printable baby shower charades game.


And here is page three.


You’ll notice I left the last row of baby shower charades cards blank. It’s not because I ran out of words, I promise. The blank cards are for you to add your own baby shower charades word ideas. So, let’s talk about those.

Words for Baby Shower Charades

Need a few ideas for your list of baby shower charades words? Hopefully, some of the words on the pre-filled charades cards will inspire you to come up with some of your own. But I also have a few ideas to help you fill in those blank cards and make the game your own.

One fun idea for the blank charades cards is to use the mom-to-be or new mom’s name. Or the father-to-be. It can be hilarious to see what friends and family will do to make you guess a person’s name. Especially if you make a rule against pointing.

Other ideas for the fill-in-the-blank printable charades cards include:

  • things guests will know the mom-to-be likes (hobbies, collections, vacation destinations)
  • the nursery theme
  • the baby shower theme
  • the baby’s name if that’s been revealed
  • baby girl or baby boy
  • grandma or grandpa (or papa, mimi, etc, whatever name will be used for grandparents)
  • words that reference inside jokes among the guests

Get creative here. Anything related to pregnancy, babies, or motherhood that would be funny to watch someone act out or guess.

You can also put out some blank cards and ask each guest to contribute a word or phrase to your baby shower charades game.

And of course, you can also just use the original baby shower charades words list and disregard the blank cards.

Baby Shower Charades Free Printable (Simple Version)

You may have realized when you looked at the baby shower charades printable that you will probably be cutting out the cards with the words on them before your baby shower. Which means that cute little pink and white border? Well, no one will see it.

So, as cute as the printable is with the border and pink pretty lettering, unless you’re printing out the list for your baby shower guests, most likely no one will ever see it in all it’s glory.

Save your colored ink cartridge for baby shower game printables your guests will actually see (like this Price is Right Baby Shower Game).

If you’re simply going to print out these baby shower charades cards and cut them out before the shower, I suggest using the plain version of the charades printable below for your baby shower. Save the pink ink! And snag the plain black and white printable below using the special form below. (The first signup for above will give you both versions of the game).

Here is page one of the plain version so you can see what it looks like. The other two pages are the same as the ones above but without the border and pink lettering.


Note that when you print out either version of this game there is a fourth page with the rules for charades in case you and your guests need a quick refresher. And of course, you are free to modify the rules in whatever way suits your shower.

But Seriously, How Do You Play the Game?

  1. To play baby shower charades, cut out each of the charades word cards and fold it in half. Place the cards in a bowl.
  2. Taking turns, each guest draws a word from the bowl and acts it out.
  3. You can either take turns by going in a circle or have the person who guessed correctly take the next turn. (If you want to make sure everyone gets a turn, go around the room taking turns).
  4. Set a timer for 30 seconds for each player to act out their word (optional- but it can keep the game moving).
  5. Designate yourself or someone else to be the scorekeeper if there is a prize for the winner. One point for each correct guess.
  6. Follow the basic rules of charades when it’s your turn to act out a word. No talking, no pointing, and no using props.

Rules for Baby Shower Charades

Baby shower charades has three basic rules for the person acting out the word on their card.

  1. No Talking
    The person acting out the word on a charades card should not speak. Pretty simple.
  2. No Pointing
    When acting out your word you may not point at objects around the room or people in the room, no matter how tempting. Use your hands for acting, not pointing.
  3. No Props
    Use your hands, body, and facial expressions to get others to guess your word. No outside props.

Super simple! And basically the same rules for every game of charades you’ve ever played, right?

How to Play Virtual Baby Shower Charades

One of the great things about the simplicity of this game is that baby shower charades is an easy game to take virtual! Having a virtual baby shower over Zoom or some other long-distance platform? No problem, you can still play charades.

With virtual baby shower charades, you can skip the step of cutting out the charades word cards. Grab your free printable and make a short list of words for each guest (3 to 5 words each). Send each guest their list of words via text, email, Facebook Messenger, or whatever.

Split your virtual baby shower guests into two teams. When it’s their turn to act out their list of words, each player has one minute to act out as many words on their list as they can while their teammates guess what they are.

One point for each correct guess. The team with the most points at the end wins. Guests on the opposing team can mute their microphones during the guessing to keep them from accidentally shouting something out.

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Where to Get a Your Baby Shower Charades Printable

Use the form below to get your free baby shower charades printable sent to your inbox. I hope you’ll also check out some more of my popular free printable baby shower games here. Baby Shower Charades is just one of several baby shower games you can print and play for a super fun shower.

Easy Baby Shower Game for a Fun Shower

Use this free printable to make your baby shower planning simple! Baby shower charades is one of the easiest baby shower games to plan and play.

Everybody loves charades. And the game is adaptable for almost any type of baby shower from virtual to co-ed to huge groups.

Grab your free printable baby shower charades here!

Printable Baby Shower Charades PDF


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