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The Best Art Easels for Toddlers

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Easels for Toddler Art They’ll Love

Drawing and painting are always fun when you’re a kid! And if your child loves art and is excited about displaying their creativity for family and friends, a toddler easel is exactly what you need! With these great easel recommendations for toddlers, your little one will be able to create without limits, showcase their skills, and explore thier love of art. Find the easel that fits your toddler (and your house) from the list below!

This list is packed full of some of the best easels for little kids, so you can make the right choice without worry! 

(If you’re looking for an easel for an older child, check out this list of easels for kids in preschool through the tween years.)

Check out this list of best easels for toddlers below! 

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Popular Art Easels for Toddlers

Keep in mind that these are in no particular order. They’re all so great, I couldn’t even begin to try and narrow them down!


Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel with Paper Roll and Accessories

Don’t overlook the fact that this All-In-One Wooden Kit’s Art Easel is award-winning! Made with top-notch materials, this toddler wooden easel is built to last. (and in the land of toddlers, this is key!) 

The other great feature about this easel is that it’s magnetic and has a chalkboard (and whiteboard!) feature as well. This means that your toddler can literally draw and create without worry.

What really sold me on having this on the best toddler easel list is that the paper roll dispenser is height adjustable. Because let’s face it, not all toddlers are the same height! No matter how tall, or short, you little one is, they can still reach their paper without worry. 


4 in 1 Magnetic Board, Chalkboard, Painting Easel, and Drawing White Board for Toddlers

Holy moly, there’s a reason that this is listed on the best easels for toddlers list! This 4 in 1 Magnetic Board, Chalkboard, Painting Easel, and Drawing White Board for Kids has literally thought of everything. 

As a parent or guardian, you’ll love the fact that this easel takes less than 5 minutes to assemble and the kids will love that they don’t have to wait very long at all to start being creative.

This art easel for 3-year-olds and other young children does come with a 12-month warranty as well. That’s a great advantage for having peace of mind that your child won’t have to worry about something happening to it and it not be replaced quickly.  


TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids

This is the perfect art easel for 2-year-olds on up! This TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids is double-sided, meaning that it’s perfect for two toddlers (or a toddler and mommy or daddy!) to be creative at the same time.

The safety features are also quite impressive on this easel as well and they’ve put in extra anti-slip precautions to be certain that it’s not going to topple over on top of your precious toddler. 

The height is also adjustable for this easel, which is a key feature when you’re trying to find the perfect easel for your little one. Even though this is geared towards toddlers, the height adjustment does make it usable for up to age 6. (an easel that can grow with your child as they grow, too!) 


STEAM Life Tabletop Easel for Kids

Don’t have a ton of room in your house? No worries! This Tabletop Easel for Kids just might be the perfect solution that you’re looking for! It’s easy to set up and put away and takes up minimal room.

It allows for a variety of creativity from chalk to dry ease and is double-sided as well which gives your child more surface space for their creating even though it’s smaller in size overall. 

And if you’re really feeling creative, this just might be a great easel to take when you’re traveling since it folds up and is easy to store. 


Step2 Masterpiece Kids Art Easel

While it’s true the Step2 makes a lot of great toddler gear and supplies, this Step2 Masterpiece Kids Art Easel is one of my favorites. I love how it’s set up to look like a picture frame so it looks like it’s showcasing all of your toddler’s artwork!

Another great aspect of this easel is that it can be used as a stand-alone easel or a tabletop easel, too! Pretty cool hybrid option, right?! And a lot of fun for your toddler artist!


Little Partners Tri-Side Art Easel

Talk about a cool and funky layout! The Little Partners Tri-Side Art Easel is unique in that it has three sides to let your toddler work all around the easel. There’s even a place to hold their paint, too! 

In addition to the chalkboard, dry erase board, and paper roll, there is a felt board on one side for fun imaginative, and creative play. Using felt animals or storyboard cutouts on this portion can really enhance their creativity. And makes for great imaginative fun!

With the adjustable height and the durable materials used to build this easel, you’re going to have this for years to come without worry!


Dry-Erase Art Easel with Light-Up Tracing Desk for Kids

Stop the show. Get ready to be impressed. This Dry-Erase Art Easel with Light-Up Tracing Desk for Kids literally has thought of EVERYTHING. Not only have they created a large creative space for toddlers to draw but they’ve also made it to where it’s a fort, too. (Yes, you read that right!)

In the middle of the easel is a play fort area that kids can climb in and out of when they are ready to take a break from creating on their super cool easel. Talk about an awesome bonus! 

Don’t overlook the fact that there is also a light-up tracing desk as well. With this feature, toddlers can trace and learn how to draw things with confidence. Something I know my little one will really appreciate.

This is one of my favorites on the list because it’s so versatile and an awesome tool for creativity and confidence. 


NextX Toddler Easel for Two

Let’s face it. Drawing and creating with someone else is always more fun. Especially when you’re a toddler! This is why the NextX Kids Easel for Two is a winning choice for sure. With large storage trays and two sides to draw and create on, there really is room for someone else to join in on the fun.

An older sibling or play date friend  can join your toddler in creating masterpieces!

And if you’re looking for an easel that doesn’t take up much space, this simple easel for kids can be folded down flat quickly for storage without any issues or worries. 


Step2 Jumbo Art Easel For Kids

The bigger, the better, right? This Step2 Jumbo Art Easel For Kids teaches your kids that they can create without worry and have plenty of space to show off their artwork. 

If you have a big playroom. Or just a big area you can dedicate to your child’s art, buy this toddler easel. And let your little one start creating masterpieces!

The other really cool bonus of this jumbo art easel is that there are a ton of great storage bins at the bottom. This means that you can easily have one central location for all your kid’s art supplies (a huge bonus!). So you’ll never be running around the house looking for the crayons ever again! 


TOP BRIGHT Adjustable Toddler Easel & Art Table

This TOP BRIGHT Wooden Toddler Easel and Art Table has taken a more modern approach to the overall art easel and we’re loving it. It’s double-sided for more creative space but it can also be converted into a desk, too.

Which is great news if you’re doing preschool at home. Or if your toddler likes to alternate between sitting and standing for art projects.

Another reason this is a great easel to have for your toddler is that it can grow with them. As they mature a bit and get ready for preschool, they might want to try out a desk. It says it fits children up to age 6! 


JIMMY’S TOYS Kids Easel Double Sided Chalk Board and White Board

JIMMY’S TOYS Double Sided Toddler Easel with Chalk Board and White Board is not only used for chalk and drawing, but it’s a magnetic easel for toddler fun, too.

Can you imagine how happy they’ll be when they hang up their own artwork for others to see? Or they fun they can have just playing with the magnets!

This does come with dry erase markers as well that have magnetic caps so they can literally stick right to the easel. Perfect for toddlers, who otherwise might lose their markers. (Talk about a big sanity saver for mom and dad!) 

And one of the best parts? No tools required for assembly! 


BATTOP Double Sided Kids Easel with Paper Roll

Last, but not least, is the BATTOP Two Sided Art Easel for kids. We love this easel because it can fit kids up to age 8 which means that you’ll get a little more bang for your buck in terms of using it for a few extra years.

It also comes with a nice storage box and is built with sturdy materials that will make certain that it lasts. It folds down easily for storage and has magnetic capabilities as well. 

What is the Best Easel for Toddlers? 

There is an almost overwhelming number of options when it comes to finding the best easel for toddlers. Don’t view that as a negative thing! In the world of toddlers, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Options are good because every child is unique and special, just as their needs are, too. 

First, you need to think about things such as their age, their height, and what they’re really going to be using the easel for, to figure out what is the best easel choice for them. 

Also, consider where you might put the easel in your house. How much space you have. And whether you need a tabletop toddler easel or one that stands up.

This list of the best toddler easels above can help you figure out the right one for your child. So, scan the list for the ones that look like the best fit for your toddler. And then click through to check them out!

3 Reasons You Need a Toddler Easel

Now that you’ve read about the best easels for toddlers, let’s talk about why you actually need to have one in your home. 

Toddler Easels Promote Creativity & Learning

When your child sees their easel, they’ll want to draw on it. Or paint on it. Or use magnets, crayons, watercolors, and other craft supplies to create and play.

This means your toddler will be more likely to get busy with art instead of asking for more screen time or non-learning options in the house.

And you’ll have some beautiful toddler art projects to hang on your refrigerator. With a few left over for grandparents too.

Toddler Art Easels Make a Place in Your Home for Art

From chalk drawings to painting, to crayons, toddlers love to create. As someone who just googled “how to get crayon off the wall” I have a new appreciation for giving kids a dedicated place for art.

Whether your toddler easel has a permanent place in a playroom or bedroom (possibly with plastic under it if paint is involved) or gets moved out, stored, and brought back out, when your toddler sees the easel, they’ll that’s where their art gets made.

Save your walls, your kitchen table, and the other areas of your home from some of the mess by showing your toddler how much an easel is for creating!

Plus, many of these toddler easels have space for storage of art supplies. Which makes it even easier to keep everything in one area for creative toddler fun!

Creating Art on an Easel Can Build Your Toddler’s Confidence

When your child is creating art on a big, fancy easel like they see artists use on TV or in books, they’re going to be excited about it! And know that you’re confident in the skills they are learning. Especially whey they see how proud you are of what they create!

When your toddler can showcase their creations, created on a real easel it will build confidence. And make art a regular part of playtime and learning.

Simple Tips for Using a Toddler Easel

The main tips to keep in mind when using a toddler easel is that you need to have it in a space that they can easily stand by it and move around it (if it’s double-sided). And where you’re prepared for any mess their current project might create.

You’ll also want to find a toddler easel that is easy to transport, just in case they want to create art in various locations all over the house. Or outside. Outside is good! Take some of the mess outdoors! Definitely my first choice for paint projects!

And lastly, find you’ll want an easel that you can change the height because it’s no secret that toddlers seem to grow taller every single day!

Toddler Art Easel Reviews

When reading these reviews about toddler art easels, consider which features are best suited to your toddler and your home. Also, consider showing your toddler some of the best options to see if they have any input on a favorite color or style. After all, they’re going to be the ones using it, right?!

The great thing about choosing an art easel for your toddler is that there are a ton of great choices available. Do your best to focus on what your toddler loves, and which easel will work best with what you need. With all the great choices above, you can easily narrow it down to one your toddler will love! 

Best Easels for Toddlers 2020

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