Ideas to announce pregnancy on Christmas

21 Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy at Christmas

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Christmas Pregnancy Announcement for the Win

Christmas is a special time of year and can be especially exciting when you have baby news to share with your loved ones. If you’re looking for fun ways to announce your pregnancy to family and friends this holiday season, this list is exactly what you need! Take advantage of the opportunity when everyone is getting together to share your happy news with a Christmas pregnancy announcement they won’t forget! 

See all 21 fun ways to announce your pregnancy at Christmas below.

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21 Fun Holiday Pregnancy Announcements

All of your loved ones are going to be excited about your pregnancy news! The grandparents to be! Your friends. And your family, near and far. When you choose one of these fun ideas for a Christmas pregnancy announcement to grandparents. And then some ideas for sharing with friends and family, everyone will enjoy the special way you shared your pregnancy joy this Christmas.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement to Grandparents

Telling your parents they are going to be grandparents is one of the most fun pregnancy reveals you get to make! And if you know you’re expecting what better time than Christmas to make the announcement? (If you’re wondering when is the best time to share your pregnancy news, this post from BabyCenter can help you decide).

Check out these fun ideas for announcing your pregnancy to the grandparents-to-be during the holidays!

Christmas pregnancy announcement

1.  Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Card for Grandparents

This simple but beautiful card is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy to your parents and in-laws on Christmas. Include the card with a pregnancy announcement gift that’s grandparent themed (something like this picture frame is perfect!). Or just give the card by itself. 

You can also mail this if you want to send the information long distance. But then tell them to Skype you or something when they open it so you can see their reaction and share the excitement! 

And if you love the idea of a Christmas card pregnancy announcement but aren’t sure this is the one, check out the 25 best pregnancy announcement Christmas cards here!

pregnancy reveal at Christmas

2. Christmas Pregnancy Reveal Puzzle

If you want to make a Christmas pregnancy announcement with a surprise gift this pregnancy reveal puzzle is my first choice. It’s cute and fun. And it keeps everybody guessing for a few minutes. 

If you can’t wait until Christmas, there is a Thanksgiving-themed version of this pregnancy reveal puzzle. As well as non-holiday versions for grandparents, husbands and more. Check out the whole Etsy shop to see if there is one you like best. 

announce pregnancy at Christmas with Egg

3. Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Egg

If you love the idea of a Christmas pregnancy announcement gift but can’t get excited about the puzzle idea, check out this Christmas pregnancy reveal egg with a personalized message inside. 

These eggs are crazy cool. They are made from real unfertilized eggs (say what?!?!) that have been carefully cleaned and decorated with your custom message inside. 

Read all the glowing reviews for these unique Christmas pregnancy reveal gifts and think about how excited your soon-to-arrive baby’s grandparents will be when they open this gift!

holiday pregnancy announcement gift to grandparents

4. You’re Going to Be Grandparents Announcement Scratch-It

This scratch-it is a fun way to make your pregnancy announcement to grandparents. And it makes a great keepsake. 

Wrap it up for Christmas and wait for their joyful reaction!

Christmas gift to reveal pregnancy to grandparents

5. Holiday Grandparents to Be Announcement Wine Label

Add this custom wine label to your parents or in-laws favorite holiday wine and give them a present they won’t forget. Plus they can toast your announcement with your gift once they have a chance to read the label!

The label is easy to stick on. And the lettering easy to read so there is every chance they’ll see what it says without you having to point it out (and isn’t it more fun that way?). 

And if you want to expand on this ideas as a way to tell your entire family, check out this set of pregnancy reveal wine labels with special labels for parents, brothers, and sisters, and friends.

How to Announce Pregnancy to Family at Christmas

Once you’ve announced your pregnancy to the grandparents there are usually a bunch of other family and friends you’re eager to share your baby news with.

Have some fun sharing your joy with your loved ones by announcing your pregnancy at Christmas in a fun way! And of course, these ideas can be used to announce your pregnancy to grandparents as well if you’re looking for something different than the suggestions above. 

These are fun ideas for Christmas pregnancy announcements you can make in person or in the mail if your friends and family are long distance.

Check out the best holiday pregnancy announcement ideas below!

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Christmas Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt Ideas

One of the most popular and fun ways to announce pregnancy at Christmas is with a funny t-shirt. There are pregnancy announcement t-shirts for mom, dad, both of you, and for the soon to be big brother or sister. So decide who you want to wear the big news, or get a shirt for everyone in the family. Check out these fun Christmas pregnancy announcement t-shirts. 

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

6. Merry & Bright & Pregnant Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

This pregnancy announcement t-shirt for is holiday themed and really pretty. I love the color. And it’s made with soft cotton. 

Plus, with this design, it will take people a minute to read it and understand your news. Which can be kind of fun when you see the look of understanding and joy come over their faces. 

custom Christmas Pregnancy Reveal Shirt

7. Custom Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

This shirt can be customized with your family name or baby name and the due date for an extra special touch to your pregnancy announcement. 

And the price! For a personalized shirt, this price is really good. And the longer sleeves are nice for winter weather when a t-shirt might not be your first choice. 

couple pregnancy reveal t-shirts

8. Jingle Bells Couple Christmas Holiday Tees

If you want to get your partner in on the fun of your Christmas pregnancy announcement shirt, get a matching set! I love this one with “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells” for one partner and “Baby on the Way” for the expecting mama. 

Make sure when you’re enjoying your holiday party people see you together once in a while to get the full effect. 

Christmas pregnancy reveal shirts for mom and dad

9. Special Delivery from Santa Couples Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

A second fun option for Christmas pregnancy reveals shirts for couples. These shirts are cute and the reviews are all glowing. 


10. Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt for Dad

If Dad is the one who wants to make the holiday pregnancy announcement via a t-shirt, this shirt will get him a chuckle along with the congratulations. 

This shirt is perfect for you if you want to make your pregnancy announcement with some humor.


11. Guess What Santa’s Bringing Me Christmas Maternity Shirt

Depending on the size of your bump, it might take a brave friend or family member to actually guess at a pregnancy without worrying about offending you when they read this t-shirt. 

But if you draw attention to the shirt in the right way it’s a fun way to share your baby news this Christmas. 

Christmas pregnancy announcement with kids

12. Custom Big Brother or Sister Baby Announcement Christmas T-Shirt

If you’re expecting baby number two or three (or four, etc) make your pregnancy announcement with this adorable big sister or big brother shirt! And make it extra special with personalized details about your due date!

Here is the link to the Big Sister Christmas shirt

Here is the link to the Big Brother version

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Picture Signs

Whether you want to take a Christmas photo to announce your pregnancy on social media or via a holiday card photo these holiday themed photo props will help you share your baby news in a fun way.

christmas pregnancy announcement sign for photo

13. Elf Pregnancy Announcement Photo Sign  

Looking through all the options for pregnancy announcement photo props, this sign caught my eye as one of the cutest. 

It’s also not overly cluttered so it’s easy to read which is nice. This would make a great photo on social media or to use on your family Christmas card. With some variation of the sign in front of a tree. Or the two of you holding the sign and smiling. Or your oldest child holding the sign. 

Try out some options and then decide what you to want to share. 

holiday card pregnancy reveal sign

14. Our Present is On Its Way Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Sign

This adorable pregnancy announcement photo prop is perfect for sharing your holiday baby news. This sign can be used in a photo with your family or shared online by itself. 

It can also be framed and wrapped and given as a gift to grandparents-to-be or other family you want to share your news with. And it makes a lovely keepsake. 

christmas pregnancy announcement for social media photo

15. Simple & Pretty Holiday Pregnancy Announcement Sign

If you’re looking for a sign that’s a little more elegant for your pregnancy announcement, this sign is perfect for you. Scripted font, simple, and with beautiful details. 

big sister sign for christmas photo pregnancy announcement

16. Promoted to Big Brother or Sister Pregnancy Announcement Photo Sign

If you want to make your holiday pregnancy announcement with kids and have your older child hold your sign in a family photo to share your baby news, check out these adorable “Promoted to Big Brother” and “Promoted to Big Sister” photo signs.

Have your kiddo hold the sign on Santa’s lap or in front of the tree. Or with you and your partner for a family photo. So many beautiful photos to try. Then choose the best ones for your holiday pregnancy reveal.

Here is the link to the Big Brother Photo Sign

Here is the link to the Big Sister Photo Sign

Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Card 

A pregnancy announcement Christmas card is a fun way to share your baby news with friends and family. Whether you’re attaching the card to a gift given in person or sending your joyful news in the mail, these pregnancy announcement Christmas cards are exactly what you need. 

Christmas card pregnancy announcement with photo

17. Baby Makes Three Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement

Add your photo to this adorable Christmas card and then share it with friends and family in person, online or via the mail. This card is customizable with your information, preferred colors and photo. 

They can also change the “baby makes three” to “baby makes four” (or whatever number) if you are announcing baby number two and beyond.

The sample in the listing is from Ross and Rachel announcing Baby Geller so the card creator has a sense of humor which always helps. 

You won’t be disappointed by how this lovely card comes out. 

holiday pregnancy announcement card

18. Baby in a Santa Hat Photo Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Card

How do you feel about a Santa hat on a baby in an ultrasound photo? Maybe a question you never thought to ask yourself. But now you’ll want to take a look at this photo Christmas card pregnancy announcement and decide. 

Chances are you’ll think it’s pretty cute. And so will your friends and family when you announce your pregnancy at Christmas with this adorable card!

pretty pregnancy announcement christmas card

19. Simple & Beautiful Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement

This simple and beautiful Christmas card pregnancy announcement is a lovely way to share your baby news with family and friends.

A simple card without a photo or a ton of time and effort on your part, that still looks amazing is a wonderful way to share your pregnancy with family and friends during the holiday season. 

funny pregnancy announcement christmas card

20. Santa’s Jolly Joke Hilarious Pregnancy Reveal on Christmas

Don’t miss this one just because it’s near the bottom of the list! This is an awesome and funny pregnancy reveal for Christmas. 

This is almost like a game and is perfect for revealing your pregnancy to a group of family or friends at a Christmas party. Pass out the Santa cards to the guests. And keep the special pregnancy reveal card for yourself. 

Everyone will go around the room reading goofy Santa jokes. And when it’s your turn the “punchline” will reveal your pregnancy surprise!

I love it! And so will your family and friends. 

pregnancy announcement ideas for Christmas

21. Scratch Off Pregnancy Reveal Christmas Card

Your scratch off Christmas card pregnancy reveal will be a novelty among Christmas cards even before they get to your joyful baby news. 

This is a fun pregnancy reveal. And really inexpensive. A great way to do something special to share your pregnancy on Christmas without spending a lot of time or money. Save some of that cash for baby!

And if you want to see more Christmas card pregnancy announcements, check out the 25 best pregnancy announcement Christmas cards here for more ideas.

The Best Ideas to Announce Pregnancy at Christmas

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now spread the joy this holiday season to family and friends with these fun ways to reveal your pregnancy during the holidays!

And all my best to you and your family as you share and celebrate your pregnancy! 

Enjoy Sharing Your Pregnancy News this Christmas!

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