Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Edition Tablet Product Review

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This is more than a product review. It’s more like a love story. I have actual friends who have done less for me than the Kindle Fire Kids Edition has. I’m only sort of kidding. If you’ve been considering a tablet for your child, the Kindle Fire Kids Edition is more than worth a look.

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Kindle Fans from the Start

I’ve been a fan of Amazon’s Kindle since the very first one came out many years ago. I’ve since owned two others, one Kindle Paperwhite and one regular Kindle Fire. I loved the Paperwhite for reading. And my husband uses the Kindle Fire for accessing the internet on the go, watching videos and online shopping.

Why I Call This a Love Story Instead of a Product Review

After the birth of my second child, I had a really rough recovery. And while I was lucky to have family and friends willing and able to help take care of my oldest child, there were plenty of days when it was just me, my newborn and my toddler at home. And I was too weak to even get out of bed. Yes, it was that bad.

During those times, I would give my older child the Kindle Fire to lay next to me and watch a cartoon or play an educational game while I tried to gather the strength to get up out of bed. And even once I recovered, the Kindle Fire was a helpful distraction when I was nursing or otherwise caring for our new baby.

In the early days after my youngest was born the Kindle Fire and my child’s love of Dinosaur Train was the only thing that kept us from full blown toddler meltdown some days.

I hope it goes without saying a tablet is not a substitute for a parent. And it shouldn’t be an all day activity. But this was a situation where it more than came in handy. Given the enjoyment my kiddo got out of the Kindle, it made sense to get her one of her own. One that was designed for kids.


blankKindle Fire Kids Edition Benefits

My kiddo loves having her own kid-friendly tablet because she can control it herself. She can push the buttons and choose what she wants to watch. She’s a control freak like her Mama. It’s a great fit for her. Tablets are also fun for games and apps that aren’t available to kids in other ways.

When my child was using our regular Kindle Fire we had some problems with her trying to access YouTube videos or cartoons that were too old for her. Or simply not what I wanted her to be watching. Those YouTube videos with creepy adults opening eggs with toys in them…just no. No one needs to watch that. And while we were always nearby to supervise, neither my daughter nor I enjoyed my constant hovering.

The Kindle Fire Kids Edition took care of that problem. It has more parental control options than any other tablet. You can do everything from limit access to apps and the internet to setting time limits for the Kindle’s use. No parent wants their kid glued in front of a screen all the time. And that’s why it’s good to have healthy limits.

If you’re curious what those are, here is a link to the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for screen time by age. The ability to set the time limit automatically with parental controls is awesome because it removes the need for an argument, eliminates begging for more time or having to physically take the tablet at the end of screen time. All things that happened before we had the kids version of the Kindle Fire.

Content is King

With the Kindle Fire Kids Edition parental controls, I didn’t have to worry about my kids accessing inappropriate content. But even better there was so much new high-quality content available on her new kid-friendly Kindle she didn’t miss those bizarre YouTube videos. When you buy the Kindle Fire Kids Edition it comes with a one-year subscription to Free Time Unlimited. This subscription includes access to over 10,000 kid-friendly books, movies, apps, and content. Honestly, once our free year is up we will probably renew the subscription because it is awesome. There are so many fun games and great books and shows my daughter loves. The PBS app alone is worth the subscription.

A Case that Can Withstand a Kid

All of the electronics in our house have to be placed in durable cases if they are going to last very long. We’ve lost a couple of phones and had some computer damage from our kids’ rough handling.

When you buy your child a tablet you want to know it will stand up to the rough handling of a young child. The Kindle Fire Kids Edition comes with an awesome durable case. It’s soft enough for your kid to comfortably hold. But tough enough to last through being dropped, thrown, spilled on, etc. Because it happens. At least it does at my house.

My only complaint about the case is that it doesn’t have a stand to keep it upright. We’ve solved that problem by designating a specific stuffed animal to hold the Kindle when my daughter is watching it. But a stand would have been nice.

Final Words

If you’re considering a tablet for your child, consider the Kindle Fire Kids Edition. Our experience has been very positive and I would recommend it to other parents without reservation. Check out more details on Amazon!

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9 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Fire Kids Edition Tablet Product Review”

  1. This is awesome! My nanny kids have this exact same product and absolutely love it! Thanks for your insight.

  2. I kinda wish all this technology was around when my kids were young. But I love how companies are making devices with kids in mind. This sounds like a great product

    1. I know there are both good and bad things about technology and the way kids interact with it. But with limited and appropriate use, I think it is a good thing. And good or bad, it’s part of the world they live in. I really do like this tablet for kids.

    1. The parental controls are a major selling point for me as well. She can only access what we’ve allowed which allows her a little more independence while using her tablet. Something we both prefer. You won’t be sorry if you decide to get a tablet and go with the Kindle Fire Kids Edition:)

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