Fall activities with kids

8 Outdoor Fall Activities for Families

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Fall Activitivities for Families You Don’t Want to Miss!

As summer’s heat fades into the cool crisp days of fall you might be thinking about curling up inside with a blanket and some hot cocoa. But don’t start hibernating yet! Spending time outdoors is important year-round for kids and for parents. And fall is the ideal time for outdoor family activities you can’t enjoy during any other time of year. Plan for some family fun this month with these outdoor fall activities for families.

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Outdoor Family Activities for Fall

1. Jump into a Pile of Leaves

Turn your yard raking chores into some outdoor family fun by jumping into a pile of leaves with your kids.

I’ll admit this is more my husband’s area of expertise. Both the raking and the jumping are a little outside of my comfort zone. But last year, my oldest daughter was in heaven jumping onto the leaf pile with her Daddy.

And we had leaves on top of leaves in our yard surrounded by trees. This was a good way to make some fall family fun out of a chore we don’t normally enjoy. 

2. Take a Hike

Many people think hiking season is over after the spring and summer, but fall is actually an ideal time for taking a hike. And a great fall activity for families.

Not only can you admire the beautiful colors of changing leaves, but the trails have fewer people and fewer bugs, so win-win.

Do your research on the best fall hikes in your area and bundle up before heading out on the trail with your kids. 

A few tips for fall hikes. Make sure you’re aware of local hunting seasons in your area if you’re hiking in an area where there might be hunters. And be prepared for the temperature to change fast. Dress your kids and yourself in layers for your fall family hike.

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3. Collect Fall Leaves

There is no denying the beauty of the leaves in fall. Whether you head to a hiking trail or just take a walk around your neighborhood, help your kids collect some of the most unique and lovely leaves to take home.

Once you get home with your colorful fall leaves, let your kids can turn them into fun fall crafts. Outdoor fall activities for kids don’t have to involve an elaborately planned hike, picnic, or hayride (although those things can be a lot of fun).

Collecting leaves and making leaf-inspired crafts are things you can do at home on the spur of the moment. So, take advantage of the fall season with your family. 

4. Sit Around the Campfire

Sitting around a campfire is a fun way to keep warm while enjoying the outdoors with your family this fall. Roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories while enjoying fall’s cool evenings by the fire.

Fall campfires actually work well for my family because this time of year it finally gets dark before my kids’ bedtime!

And it doesn’t have to be true campfire. Planning a camping trip once school starts would strain most of our schedules to the breaking point. So a few years ago we bought a metal fire pit we can use in our backyard. A super fun way to spend a family night in the fall with kids. 

5. Get Lost in a Maze

Getting lost in a corn or hay maze should top your list of outdoor family activities for fall. Kids of all ages love exploring and getting lost in a maze.

OK, to be honest, I actually don’t love it. The itchy hay, the mud, the feeling of panic when you realize you genuinely don’t know how to get out. But my kids love it.

And if you choose a maze with short enough hay bales where you can see over the top, it’s harder to get lost. Not impossible, but harder. Plus you can watch your kids having fun as they run ahead of you while you holler at them to wait up, swinging your free hands around to clear spider webs.

6. Hayride

After finding your way out of a hay maze, what better way to relax than an old-fashioned hayride? If nothing else, it’s a nicer way to get out to the pumpkin patch than a tromp through the mud.

My husband is a purist and insists that a hayride with horses pulling the trailer is the only way to go for family fun. But that can be tough to find. A hayride pulled by a tractor will likely be just as thrilling for your kids. 

Hop on a hayride with your kids this fall. You’ll all get a kick out of it! (Even at those exorbitant pumpkin patch prices). 

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7. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

A visit to the pumpkin patch is a must for families in the fall- at least according to my kids. You can take the annual adorable picture of your child with a pumpkin, drink some cider and maybe hit up a bouncy house or the dreaded hay maze.

If your child is in preschool or kindergarten, the pumpkin patch field trip might already be on the calendar. But if not, find one near you where you can take your kids for some fall family fun. 

My personal tip for enjoying the pumpkin patch is to know what will work with your kids. The expensive, ginormous pumpkin patch with ALL THE THINGS to do, hay maze, bouncy house, super slide, and more, might not be what you need. 

Sometimes those places are just expensive money pits for your kids to have meltdowns in. And not the source of all family fun we expect them to be. 

Your family (and definitely MY family) might have more fun at a smaller pumpkin patch. Maybe it’s closer to home, a little less expensive, a little more manageable with young kids. Less overwhelming and busy. Just a few things to consider. 

One of my number one rules for family fun is to try to set up an outing that IS actually fun. And not just work and stress for mom and dad followed by meltdowns and tantrums from exhausted kids.

Keep it simple. Make it fun. An hour of fun picking out a pumpkin might work better for you than a full day of fall activities that exhausts everyone.

And don’t forget the pumpkin picture with your kiddo!

8. Decorate a Pumpkin

Once you find the perfect pumpkin you’ll need to bring it home and decorate it. For some families, this means carving and for others, paint. Whether you’re dealing with slimy pumpkin guts or flying drops of paint, you won’t be sorry if you turn this fall activity into an outdoor project.

And if you want to skip the pumpkin guts mess (and who wouldn’t!) check out these fun & easy no-carve pumpkin ideas you can make with your kids!

Family Fun in the Fall Outdoors

Fall is such a beautiful season! Take advantage of good weather, the fall colors, and the unique fun of the season to spend some time with your kids outdoors this fall!

What’s on your list of favorite outdoor fall activities? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Yes, it certainly is the time for cleaning up fallen leaves. You are right fall is a great time for hiking and camping. I love a marshmallow on the campfire. Maybe some pumpkin soup heated up on the campfire could be great also.

  2. These are all awesome for kids! I love to take my kids out to “rake” leaves because they have so much fun, and they don’t get tired of it for quite awhile. I think we’re going to attempt everything on your list (and I’ve already checked off a couple!). Thanks!

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