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10 Super Fun & Simple Science Experiments for Kids

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Fun Science Experiments for Kids 

The benefits of science experiments for kids are significant. Not only do science experiments help children learn about well, science, they also teach skills like patience, problem-solving, and perseverance. Plus science is fun! If you have any doubts about that, check out these 10 super fun and simple science experiments for kids to try at home!

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Easy Science Experiments for Kids to Try at Home

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1. Make Dinosaur Fossils

Nearly every kid goes through a dinosaur phase and many never leave it. And there’s a good reason for that. Dinosaurs are awesome! And if you have a child in the toddler to kindergarten age range, they probably agree with me. Which is why your kids will love making dinosaur fossils.

I can’t believe how cool this experiment is. It does require some pre-planning to purchase supplies but everything needed is inexpensive. And the project itself is easy. You’ll totally wow your budding paleontologist with this awesome science experiment for kids.

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2. Elephant Toothpaste

It’s no secret that explosions are one of the most fun outcomes of a science experiment. At least the ones that happen on purpose. And this science activity gives your kids a chance to play with the results of their foamy, explosive mess.

The name of this experiment makes me smile. And the results are super fun for kids. This science activity can keep your little ones occupied for hours (that’s the dream, right?).

Be sure to read the entire post. Kim includes ideas for customizing or scaling up the experiment to fit your needs. And to keep the experiment interesting over and over again.

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3. Junk Drawer Ice Melt

This is a simple science experiment for preschoolers. And it’s something you don’t need to buy anything special to do. But you do need to plan ahead by at least a day or so to have time for everything to freeze.

Basically, this involves freezing the contents of your junk drawer in a large chunk of ice. Your kids can then experiment with melting, poking, and examining the frozen block and what’s inside. It’s messy, it’s fun, and I suggest you take it outside on a hot summer day.

As a bonus, it might even inspire you to organize the junk from your drawer after everything has been thawed and dried.  

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4. Floating & Sinking

This is a simple science experiment even young toddlers can do. And it’s perfect for warm weather days if you want to take it outside.

There is nothing tricky here. It involves letting your child experiment with different objects to see what will float, what will sink, and what will hold water. Kids love playing in the water. I struggle to convince my kids that we shouldn’t keep the water toys out Fall, Winter, and Spring as well as Summer.

And I love water experiments with kids because no matter how messy they get it still cleans up pretty easy.

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5. Walking Rainbow

If your kids love rainbows, this is the perfect science experiment for them! It’s a fun way to teach your child primary and secondary colors as well. It does take patience to see the final result. Which is as valuable a skill for kids to learn as anything discovered by science.

Supplies needed are simple and likely things you already have. So, since this one takes a while, go ahead and get started today!

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6. Recycle Project

This activity is a fun way to cultivate your child’s creativity. And a great project for school-age kids. Take some time to talk to your kids about recycling. Why we do it and the kinds of things we can recycle.

Then have a brainstorming session! Let their creativity run wild! Not all the ideas will pan out. But be sure to follow up the best ones by gathering supplies and building your child’s recycled items project!

STEM activities for kids

7. Penny Change Experiment

I’ll admit that chemistry was never my favorite subject. It combined all the things about math and science that I struggled with in school. But the experiments could be so much fun! And that’s the part to emphasize with your kids when you do science experiments at home.

This is an awesome way to try some chemistry at home with your kids. The supplies needed are pretty basic but be sure to follow the instructions to get the most out of the experimentation process.

If you’re doing a homeschool science experiment or looking for a fun school science project, check out the great follow up notes included in this post! (And there are two more experiments included in the notes!)

STEM activity ideas for kids

8. Oil Water Color Science Explosions

Often the science activities my kids enjoy the most are the simplest to do. This experiment with oil, water, and food coloring is simple. But there is plenty to learn from simple science activities. And this one is really cool.

Younger kids especially will get a kick out of watching the “color explosions”.

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9. Erupting Car Wash Kids Science

Your kids will be excited about this one! There are eruptions AND toy cars. It’s a magical combination. This clever science experiment is a great way to beat boredom on a long day at home. Definitely, something to try out this summer when your kids need a new activity.

The science behind baking soda and vinegar explosions is one of the best things to teach your kids because there is so much they can do with it. And this car wash is one of the more fun possibilities I’ve seen. My kids loved it!

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10. Rainbow Skittles Science Experiment

This is another color experiment for your younger kids to try at home. Color science is pretty AND fun. Plus this one has candy! This is a perfect science experiment for preschoolers. And toddlers too.

Not only will your kids enjoy watching the colors travel and mix. They’ll love eating the leftover supplies from this experiment. Which isn’t something many scientists can say.

I let my kids swirl the colors around and mix colors which my preschooler and toddler both enjoyed. Almost as much as they enjoyed eating the candy afterward.

What are your favorite science experiments to do with kids? Share your ideas in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about the walking rainbow and elephant toothpaste. I pulled together the supplies ages ago but never got around to doing either.

  2. The dinosaur fossils would be fun. My 3 year old would have a blast and I think my 10 year old would even get on that one!

  3. You know what? That ice melt is genius. The other day, my kids watched ice cubes melt on the deck and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Totally doing this!

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